Contest Now Closed – Jaguar Pen and Notebook Set

NOTE: This contest is now closed and Thomas Inwood is the winner. A new contest will be coming soon!

Here we go! Our new contest for the month of March is for two of pieces of collectible Jaguar merchandise. I received these from Jaguar themselves at the Hilton Head Motoring Festival when Jaguar and Autoweek held a private event featuring Ian Callum and unveiling the F-TYPE. You can see the video of this at the end of this article. The items are a Jaguar pen and notebook set.

Pen In Notebook

The pen is a Cross ballpoint in its original box. The pen has the Jaguar name and emblem on the matte black barrel. Note that the items I am picturing here are my own. Yes, I managed to get two of both from the Jaguar folk, so one set is mine to keep and one is for you to win. Lucky you!  Although the color may be a bit off in the pictures, the body of the pen and the cover of the notebook are both deep black.

Pen and Notebook

The notebook, which features the impression of the F-Type on the cover, is of a Moleskine-type, with lined pages, an elastic band to hold it closed, and a pocket in the back. I measure about 5 inches by 8.5 inches and I would guess has about one hundred-fifty to two-hundred pages. Oh, it also has one of those little red ribbon type placeholders.  It would make a great car maintenance or restoration journal, a diary, or just a keepsake.

Jaguar Pen Alone

I will tell you honestly, I like the journal, but I love the pen. I am a bit of a pen collector – more than a bit my wife might say – and this really is a quality pen. It has some honest heft to it, and feels solid in your hand. The ink flows smoothly and evenly. I promise, not only will you enjoy using this pen, but it will impress people who borrow and then try to steal it from you.

The rules to win this contest are the same as last time, just leave a comment below and make sure you are  signed up for the email edition of our newsletter. That’s it! That is all you have to do. Just enter a comment below and signup for the newsletter.  Feel free to start a discussion and comment on other folk’s comments, but that will only be one entry. Everyone who has entered a comment below will be put into a random drawing. When the name (email) is selected it will be checked against our newsletter subscribers list. If there is a match, bingo!, we have our winner. If no match, we will select another random person from the comments and start over again.

This contest will remain open through Thursday, March 31st. The winner will be announced in the weekly email on Friday, April 1st. No fooling.

And, here is a much-edited version of the interview of Jaguar’s Ian Callum by Autoweek’s Dutch Mandel.

Michael Carnell
Editor at Just British

Michael Carnell is the editor and founder of the Just British Online Motoring Magazine. As a lifelong British car enthusiast, he has owned or driven British cars of all ages from Austins and MGs to Jaguars and Triumphs. He currently owns a 1966 Vanden Plas Princess 1100 and a 1977 MGB. But there is always room for more - no matter what his wife says.


  1. MGB owner, but long time Jag fan. I have a whole display shelf in my office of various Jag models and promotionals. The book will look great there. The pen I would use!

    • About the same as me – long time MG owner, long time Jaguar fan. Although I did once have a dilapidated MK II in need of complete restoration. But that is a different story. Good luck!

  2. I confess – I already have a Jaguar pen – it’s the XJ rollerball that I was given on a trip to Gaydon abotuy 5 years ago. However – this looks a classier deal and the F-type notebook too.

  3. ’54 120 OTS ’63,’64, ’71 E type OTS ’67,’69 FHC. Plus various and sundry things from Abingdon and Coventry. If that doesn’t qualify,
    I quit. Insanity can only take you so far!

  4. No F-Type in my immediate future – this pen and notebook would be a fine consolation prize!

  5. Interesting video and timely, as I currently freshening up (bumper & glass rubber), my 68 E-Type FHC.
    The new F-Type looks much better in the flesh, but just doesn’t have the grace of the venerable E.
    Although I love Jags and use them as daily drivers, my first love is my TR6.
    Guess that makes me a “cross driver”

  6. If I do in fact win, I think I will RE Gift them as raffle prizes at the CT MG Club’s British By The Sea Gathering June 5th 2016 Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford Ct. (with reference to Just British of course!)

  7. What’s super collectible to have a chance to own I am lucky to have enough to have an e type in the garage and this would certainly be a sensational addition.

  8. What a sensational prize ! I would certainly be thrilled to have them. I have some other jaguar collectibles that I cherish such as the gifts from my kids. These could go along with them.

  9. I love the book! It would be a great place for me to lament selling my 71 XKE last December! But, I still have the Series III XJ6 VDP when I need a Jaguar fix! It’ll be at the Winter Park (Orlando) All British Car Show in April.

  10. I remember driving an E Type in the 60″ an impressive drive, especially at that time. Just last year I got to accompany a friend for a drive in an F type which was very impressive indeed. Unfortunately I have a Jaguar appetite on an MGB budget. But if my ship ever comes in one of my first stops would be at the Jag dealers.

  11. I deserve to win as I have a Morgan Plus 8, that I made, and a Jaguar X K 8 that I love!

  12. As a MGB owner and member of Tidewater MG Classics in Newport News VA this would be a great raffle prize during one of our meetings! Cheers!

  13. As an ex Jaguar Apprentice, interviewed for the course in 1954 by the then Mr. William Lyons, I have a strong affinity for things related to Jaguar.

    This set would be another treasured momento.

  14. I would love to win this. I enjoy a good pen too, but I really like and use that type of notebook when I can find them!!

  15. An F-type in the driveway would be supreme, but with the 70 e-type FHC, XJS 2+2 convertible, and an MG Midget it’s already tough to get enough excercise for them!

  16. Terrific! Hope to read Just British Online Motoring Magazine for many years! It’s a good read.

  17. Doing rolling retoration on ’56 XK140 FHC survivor. What a great car! Have ’61 MK2 named ‘Lizbeth that has been on Walleye 1000 & Mezzo 200. Jaguar pen & notebook would be handy for keeping track of the bills.

  18. Owned an E-Type convertible back in the day, but now my daily driver is a ’68 MGB Roadster my grandson and I just restored. In a world of dipstick-less cars and electronic sensors, he can change spark plugs, top-up the dashpots, work a scissors jack, and other lost skills. And yes, young man, eventually Pop’s car will go to your dad and then to you…but not today!

  19. drove from NYC to Miami on spring break 1969 in a 1967 E-type. great time great stories

  20. Would love to win and gift to my friend with two X-Type wagons. No Jags in my budget either, just an ’09 MINI Cooper S and three MGBs (’71 Tourer, ’74 BGT, and ’75 Tourer)

  21. Glad to be back in the fold.My last bmc product,a 1968 mgb,converted to a racecar and had carried me,(and my co-driver)to around 10,000 racing miles,mainly in the old Canadian “Molyslip eastern zone endurance series”.Unfortunately,before it’s restoration,it burnt in a barn fire.It’s been replaced by a 1978″B”. Ideserve the prize.

  22. You produce a very fine e-zine, Michael.
    I recently drove my XJS on a 1000 mile round trip journey. I think I need a nice journal for some travel notes.

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