1987 Daimler DS420 limo hearse - Diecast

Diecast – Jaguar Daimler Products When You Are Not Doing the Driving

Jaguar’s companion brand, Daimler, was acquired in June 1960.  At the time Daimler made buses,  military vehicles and a range of cars such as the Daimler Dart roadster also known as the SP250 and a large sedan/limousine known as the Majestic Major.  Daimler was long the vehicle supplier to English royalty and can trace its beginnings to earlier than 1900.  After Jaguar acquired Daimler they began to phase out some models and badge engineer existing Jaguar models as Daimlers.    Cars such as the Mark 2 based Daimler 2.5 liter sedan which used Daimler’s own 2.5 liter hemi V8 in place of the Jaguar XK engines. Later there was a whole range of Daimler badged XJ sedans beginning with the Series 1 and continuing through the Series 3. In  1968 Jaguar introduced the DS420 limousine which was based on many of the mechanical components of […]

VotW - Daimler Dart SP250

VotW – Daimler SP250 Dart

For our Video of the Week this go round we are going to turn to the folks at Hagerty Insurance. They recently produced a guide to the fairly rare, and often maligned, Daimler SP250 “Dart”. Now this car is not maligned due to its build quality, power, handling or other mechanical aspects. No, its main problem seems to be its catfish, only-a-mother-could-love-it looks. The Daimler SP250 Dart was built by the Daimler Company from 1959 to 1964. It was the last car to be launched by Daimler before its parent company, the Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA), sold it to Jaguar in 1960. The SP250 launched at the 1959 New York Motor Show as the “Daimler Dart”, but Dodge owned the trademark for the “Dart” model name, and Daimler was ordered to change the name under threat of legal action. With […]