This site, Just British – Online Motoring Magazine, was created by a long-time British car enthusiast for enthusiasts. This online British car magazine is a labor of love and a way to reach out and give back.

Michael Carnell, founder and editor of Just British, judging a car show

Years (and years and years…) ago I had a very small British car parts business that I gave the name “Just British” because those were the parts I sold. Basically, I was selling the parts and accessories I wanted myself.

As the years passed I gave up on the retail business and took up a real career in the computer field, but I never gave up on my British car hobby or my use of the “Just British” name. That name has been on my small business, various accessories, writing, and also this website. In other words, I have been “Just British” for well over 30 years.

During that time, I have owned MGs, Triumphs, Jaguars, Minis, and many other marques. I have to admit though that my first, and main, love is for MG. Well, MG and the various cars of BMC. Oh, and Morgan. And… oh well, you get the picture. Once you are bitten by the British car bug it kind of spreads through your veins.

At the moment, I have a 1966 Vanden Plas Princess and a 1977 MGB. Those are the cars that take up my attention and my spare time – whatever that is.

Oh, and please check out The British Car Club of Charleston. It was about the same time that I formed Just British that I also started The British Car Club of Charleston. I am proud to say that even though I left the club for a long time when living in other locations, it has flourished and grown under the great guidance of those who came after me. It is a great club with friendly members and an excellent annual show.

The Just British site is constantly evolving. If you have a suggestion, comment, or just want to talk, please contact me.


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Just British
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