Contest Give-Away – Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1955

UPDATE: Comments and the contest are now closed because we have a winner! Yes, out of all the entries Frank Stabler was selected through a random drawing to receive the prize. Congratulations Frank!

Last year, at Sir Stirling Moss‘s suggestion, Porter Press reprinted their most popular Scrapbook documenting his amazing 1955 year which of course included the Mille Miglia win and first GP victory. And we are having a contest to give one away.

Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1955 - Contest Give-Away

The 1955 Stirling Moss Scrapbook is now back in stock to commemorate sixty years of this crucial year for the racing driver. The first of a series of Stirling Moss scrapbooks which now includes as separate volumes 1926-54, 1956-60, and 1961, the 1955 Scrapbook evokes memories of the heyday of classic motorsport.

We covered this book when it came out back in July, and were sent one for review. The Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1955 is packed with intriguing detail, superb illustrations and a plethora of period cuttings from around the world. Throughout his career, he created his personal scrapbooks, several volumes per year, and he kept a diary and photo albums too. This book dips into his personal records and is spiced throughout with treasures to delight and fascinate. These are supplemented by period comments and many of his anecdotes. Moss has a fund of stories and is refreshingly non-PC!

The Contest and Rules

The contest is quite simple – we have one copy of this great book to giveaway. It is brand new, huge, and gorgeous. As much as we would love to keep it, we are going to pass it on to one of you.

To enter the contest … just leave a comment below and sign-up for the email edition of our newsletter. That is it! That is all you have to do. Just enter a comment below and signup for the newsletter.  Feel free to start a discussion and comment on other folk’s comments, but that will only be one entry.

We will close the comments and the discussion on the stroke of midnight (eastern standard time) on the last day of February. So at 24:00:00 on February 29, 2016, we will close the comments. Everyone who has entered a comment below will be put into a random drawing. When the name (email) is selected it will be checked against our newsletter subscribers list. If there is a match, bingo!, we have our winner. If no match, we will select another random person from the comments and start over again. When we have drawn out someone who has both left a comment and subscribed, we will send them an email of congratulations and request a delivery address. We will happily post the book to the winner anywhere in the world no matter where they may be. The winner will also be announced in the 4 March edition of the Online Motoring News.

Pretty simple. We wanted this to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Subscribe to our newsletter, leave a comment, and your are eligible to win. If there is any monkey business or tomfoolery, which we don’t anticipate, our decision on how to resolve it will be swift, absolute, and without reproach. Hey, we just want to have fun!



  1. Stirling Moss is arguably the most recognized name in automobile racing. Having his 1955 Scrapbook is the ultimate insight into an amazing year in auto-racing history. I’ve been a British Car collector for over 50 years and I fully appreciate the contributions that Stirling Moss made to the sport.

  2. This would be such a great gift for someone I know. What an opportunity to win a collector’s edition of great memories.

  3. I met Sir Sterling Moss at Wheels & Keels many years ago. We spoke and he autographed my program. He is a true mans racer and gentleman, no glitz and glory seeking from him just the real thing!

  4. A special double secret bonus prize should go to anyone who can identify all the people surrounding Sir Stirling!

  5. A great man. I see him at the Birmingham Classic Motor Show each November. A couple of years ago i watched Stirling sign a large poster from a race in the late 50s. It must have quadrupled the value of the poster and he did it so graciously!. In a British Magazine an advertiser is using a picture of young Stirling shouting at 2015 Stirling. Its cleverly done. I would love to have that Scrapbook!

  6. Wow would that be something to have. I would read it front to back and then pass it along to other MGCCNWC club members to enjoy also.
    Thanks for doing this. what great folks you all are. Wow!

  7. Sir Sterling is arguably the greatest driver of his time. A scrapbook of his racing history is one of the greatest books of all time.

  8. I was given “Le Mans” by Stirling Moss (pub. 1960) by a lifelong and dear friend before he passed on ten years ago. When we were boys growing up in California, we read that book cover to cover, over and over and it thrilled us so much. Inspired, we would run out to the garage and “work” on reviving a Model A his Dad owned. We both went on to build and restore Old Cars, he focussed on Fords and I on TRs and eventually, Morgans. But that book had a big role in igniting our passion, and it was because Stirling Moss himself wrote it and brought us so completely into the world and life of motorsports. I am sure this Scrapbook will do the same for the sod lucky enough to win it, however many years young he or she is, best wishes, gordon

  9. I was born in 1955 and started loving racing at a very early age, thanks to my older brother. Sir Sterling was one of the great gentlemen of racing and evoked a sense of glamor in the face if the fatal possibilities of the sport. These were the true iron men of the sport made out of human flesh. Thank you Sir Moss!

  10. You sent me a cool sticker and now a chance to win Moss’s book, my heart is about to burst. Many blessings are raining upon me, whoop-de-do. Don Hilston

  11. Perchance my memory is bad, faulty or some other defined reason I do not recall correctly, at 77 years going on 78?… I seem to have in my memory bank reading of this “Sterling” gent of auto racing probably about the tine I was twelve-fourteen years old. Yes, I was already “tinkering” with old cars and figuring out a way to make my ’40 Ford Opera Coupe go faster. I put a ’51 Olds engine in coupled with a floor shift tranny, Lincoln Z gears, two speed columbia rear end, and of course it had dual smitties.

    A friend introduced me to his “Ofy engine” and I was hooked for life on fast cars! Another High school Buddy had a ’51 MG that we enjoyed. Then my USAF buddy, Chamberlain bought his Little Red ’59 Series I Sunbeam Alpine while we were stationed in Bermuda ’59-’61. I might even have a few old magazines laying around with “those Olde Racers” inside somewhere! Have to look?

    I now own several British cars all are Series IV and V Sunbeam Alpines, my favorites. Active in SAOCA and some other British Sports Car clubs too!

    I have attended some events, even though I am new to the “Just British”.

  12. I watched him racing as a young child. One of my all time favorite drivers from that era.

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