Our policies are that Just British accepts products for review that would be of interest to our community. Note that all the reviews are completely honest and forthright. If you want to advertise, not an honest review, pay for advertising. Just British is not owned by any company – any product recommendations come from personal use and preference. This site does not have the budget, personnel, or time to perform intensive product testing, but bases conclusions on personal use and experience.

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Book Reviews

When we publish book reviews, the reviews get spread to our Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook feeds. More importantly, they are also sent out in our weekly e-newsletter.

Another item of note is that when we publish reviews, those also are published to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoodReads in addition to our own site. We have editorial access at GoodReads so that we can add books if they are not already listed as well as correct errors in listings and add cover images.

Affiliate Links

An affiliate link means we have created a business relationship with a retailer. If a reader purchases a product we’ve recommended through a link (there is a cookie with a Just British specific code), then we receive a small percentage of the sale. You, the consumer, get the product at the normal price and shopping experience. Never would this increase the cost to you, nor do we get any info about you. Your privacy is always our primary concern.  We do a lot with the Amazon programs.