VotW – The Morgan Motor Company

VotW – The Morgan Motor Company

Our video this week is entitled, “Morgan Motor Company: The Most Honest Car Factory in the World”. As you might guess, the video focuses on the Morgan Motor Company in Malvern, England where happy designers, craftsmen and women lovingly create cars for enthusiasts by hand every day. Perhaps this brief history of the Morgan car is best summed up by its inventor, H.F.S. Morgan, who said of his life’s work shortly before he died in 1959, “looking back through the years, seeing both the errors and the triumphs in their correct perspective, I feel I have enjoyed it all. The motor trade has been, so far as I’m concerned, a most interesting business.” Peter Morgan maintained the passion and today, the Morgan Motor Company enjoys continued success, with inspired new designs under the direction of Charles Morgan.


More on the Morgan Plus 8 Speedster

We just received more news on the Special Edition Morgan Plus 8 Speedster we mentioned about a week ago. The information Morgan has provided is as follows… The Morgan Motor Company have been producing hand crafted, lightweight and fun sports cars for 105 years. For the last 100 years, production has taken place at the world famous Morgan factory on Pickersleigh Road in Malvern, Worcestershrie. To mark the 100 years at Pickersleigh Road milestone, Morgan have commissioned a line of special edition vehicles, the first of which is the Morgan Plus 8 Speedster. Following huge interest in the initial launch of the Plus 8 Speedster last week, Morgan are extremely excited to be able to announce further information. A comprehensive list of options and a full price list is now available on the Morgan website as well as the chance […]


Special Edition Morgan Plus 8 Speedster

Morgan Motor Car Company has announced a new special edition Plus 8 Speedster for delivery this summer. The new Morgan Plus 8 Speedster embodies all of Morgan’s core values and has been commissioned as part of a special line of vehicles to celebrate 100 years of vehicle manufacture at Pickersleigh Road. The Speedster, the latest evolution of the Plus 8, offers an even more invigorating driving experience inspired by a bygone era of stripped back, road going race cars. A 367 bhp 4.8 litre BMW V8 engine and a 6 speed manual or ZF 6 speed automatic gearbox propels the car from 0-62 in 4.2 seconds with a limited top speed of 148 mph. The latest in aluminium chassis developments ensure that its performance and road-holding will match its looks. The Speedster boasts a power to weight ratio to rival any […]

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Morgan Factory Tour

Stepping into the Morgan factory in Malvern is like stepping back in time. There is a wonderful article on the Moss Motoring site about a tour through the factory that has been producing Morgans since 1919. To understand the circuitous path that a Morgan car travels, from Malvern Link to your driveway, we were lucky enough to have a docent to shepherd us through the process. Dixon is the embodiment of an English gentleman. He has been part of Morgan for many years and he led our group through the Morgan manufacturing process. Be sure to check out the list of 10 Morgan facts you didn’t know!