London Morgan Celebrates First Anniversary

In a press release, London Morgan announces the celebration of their first anniversary.

London Morgan


Symbolising the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Britain’s automotive legacy, London Morgan, the official London dealership of the country’s last independent family-owned car manufacturer, The Morgan Motor Company, is celebrating its first anniversary since opening its doors 12 months ago.

Located in Astwood Mews in the heart of South Kensington, a cobbled oasis recently awarded honorary Garden Square status on account of its resident’s horticultural presentations, London Morgan launched in May 2013, neighbouring its sister company Monaco VW (incidentally, Britain’s oldest Volkswagen dealership established in 1948 by a Polish immigrant settling in London following WW11).

Speaking about the establishment of London MorganAnthony BarrellDealer Principal of London Morgan says: “Since launching one year ago, we have had a phenomenal response from  customers across London, the UK and internationally. This is testament to an intense appetite for all things Morgan.

Morgan cars encapsulate the legacy and raw sensorial grandeur that stretches back over 104 years.  In an increasingly digital age where homogeneity and mass production continue to mollify and placate, Morgan cars reverberate more powerfully than ever with their bespoke offering, befitting the automotive aficionados’ wish for handmade excellence.

“Each year just over 1,000 Morgan cars are manufactured. Every new car is produced by hand to the customer’s specification. Even with our used vehicles, the customer is able to feel the car’s soul” adds Anthony Barrell.

London Morgan’s picturesque, ex-equine location is the perfect backdrop to Morgan’s “wheeled horses” and the company’s transcending story within the British motor industry. Laden with the weighty legacy of a bygone era of striking race cars and stately town cars, the Morgan philosophy in today’s age has challenged conformity and perceived luxury, by creating a new automotive identity. Once inside the showroom, visitors are allured by the striking classical beauty of the cars which offer the promise of a nostalgic journey yet to begin.

At a time where disorder seems to be the only order, the  London Morgan dealership has emerged a harbinger liberating luxury from all of its confines, celebrating the freedom and individualism of the solitary artist which is depicted in each handmade Morgan.

Surrounding London Morgan is a city’s hunger for conformity. Each Morgan car typifies a fundamental contradiction that is palpable on streets saturated with mass produced cars. Classical beauty, pedigree and style traditionally fabricated and coach built, coupled with the latest automotive chassis and drivetrain technology, gives each Morgan a genuinely unique and human(e) characteristic.

Morgan patrons are drawn from across the world, perhaps making the indefinable aspect of the handmade the new international universal. Influencers in their chosen field due to their fierce individualism of thought mirror the cars themselves. For those interested in the “the rare and the beautiful” for Morgan patrons ownership of a Morgan car is an intimate affair.

Speaking about Morgan’s international appeal and clientele, Anthony Barrell says: “In an age where luxury British heritage brands are sought by all discerning international markets, the anarchic exclusivity that a Morgan represents couples sophisticated taste and demand.”

London Morgan has an unparalleled stock of new vehicles including the Aero Coupe, Roadster and 4-seater with global delivery options. A team of dedicated factory trained technicians, with impressive knowledge of Morgan vehicles, provide expert assistance. In addition to sales and service of both the four and the three wheeled cars that the factory produce, London Morgan offer after-sales for existing Morgan owners, hire for all occasions, race preparations, factory tours and body work.  A loan car facility and collection and delivery service can be arranged if required.

The Morgan brand was established in 1910 by H.F.S Morgan when he created the iconic Morgan three-wheeler. For more than 100 years skilled and dedicated craftsmen have been driven by Morgan’s wish for perfection, creating each car with intricate care. Today’s vehicles combine traditional methods of fabrication with pioneering automotive technology in an environmentally-friendly process, with engines variations ranging from 1,600 to 4,800cc and the option to choose the force behind this automotive spirit.

London Morgan opened in May 2013 as the Morgan dealer for London and celebrates its first anniversary. London Morgan is located at Astwood Mews, Kensington alongside its sister company, Monaco VW (established 1948), and beautifully compliments Morgan’s 104 year tradition as Britain’s oldest motor manufacturer. For further information, please visit: