Latest Ingenium Engine for Discovery Sport & Evoque

The 2018 model year Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque both receive Jaguar Land Rover’s all-new 2.0-litre four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engines, offering smooth, refined performance. This is the first introduction of Jaguar Land Rover’s new petrol Ingenium family into its Land Rover vehicles.


The new additions support the company’s long-term commitment to reduce vehicle emissions and improve fuel economy across its range through the introduction of more efficient engines. The new four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine, at the heart of Jaguar Land Rover’s low-emissions strategy, is produced at the company’s £1 billion Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton, UK. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, these are the most advanced engines the company has ever developed.

The Range Rover Evoque, which has dominated the luxury SUV segment since its 2011 launch, has just passed the 600,000 production landmark. Offering Range Rover’s luxury and refinement in a compact footprint, the Evoque is available in three body styles – coupé, five-door and convertible.

The 240PS Ingenium Petrol engine, available in all body styles, is 15 percent more efficient than the previously-available GTDi engine. The refinement expected of any Range Rover is clear thanks to the low-friction technologies applied to the engine, but it delivers real-world benefits with CO2 emissions of 165g/km and fuel economy of 7.3l/100km (38.7mpg)**.

The 290PS Ingenium Petrol engine accelerates from 0-100km/h in 6.3 seconds (0-60mph in 6.0 seconds) and on to a top speed of 231km/h (144mph).

Meanwhile, the front-wheel-drive eCapability 150PS diesel Evoque continues to be available, delivering 109g/km of CO2 (on the combined cycle) and 67.3mpg (4.2 l/100km) fuel economy.

Full engine line-up

Engine Capacity Power (PS) Torque (Nm) CO2 (g/km)*  **
Ingenium Petrol: Si4 2.0-litre 240 340 165
Ingenium Petrol: Si4 2.0-litre 290 400 173
Ingenium Diesel: Td4 2.0-litre 150 380 129 / 134
Ingenium Diesel: Sd4 2.0-litre 180 430 129 / 134
Ingenium Diesel: Sd4 2.0-litre 240 500 153

* Refers to coupé / five-door derivatives (where applicable), all all-wheel drive with automatic transmission
** Subject to global homologation

Customers who choose the higher-powered Ingenium Petrol will receive the Dynamic exterior pack, comprising enlarged front and rear bumpers, Gloss Black finishes for the grille, vents and 20-inch five-split-spoke alloy wheels.

To give customers clearer choice, the color palette has been revised. Core palette: Fuji White and Narvik Black; Metallic: Yulong White, Indus Silver, Corris Grey, Santorini Black, Loire Blue, Firenze Red and Kaikoura Stone; and Premium: Silicon Silver and Carpathian Grey. Phoenix Orange becomes a unique color to the convertible body style.


To accentuate the sporty feel of Evoque, new Sports Seats can be specified, with perforated and distinctive horizontally-ribbed inserts.

In response to customer demand for the most personalized vehicle in the line-up, 2018 model year Range Rover Evoque Convertible now comes with the addition of Lunar/Ivory interior (on SE Dynamic models) in addition to the Ebony interior.

The Discovery Sport is currently Land Rover’s fastest-selling vehicle, with more than 200,000 units sold globally since its introduction in 2014. The premium versatile compact SUV demonstrates the breadth of Land Rover’s ability, offering customers unrivaled all-terrain capability, versatility for up to seven people and a premium interior.

The new petrol engines deliver a mix of power, efficiency, and EU6-compliance. The 240PS engine produces maximum torque of 340Nm and means Discovery Sport can achieve 8.0l/100km (35.3mpg) and 181g/km CO2 on the European combined cycle**. The 290PS petrol variant can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 6.7 seconds.

The twin-scroll diesel Ingenium engine provides the greatest blend of power and fuel economy. The 0-100km/h sprint is completed in 7.5 seconds thanks to the 240PS and 500Nm outputs, yet returns 6.4l/100km (44.1mpg) and 169g/km of CO2 on the EU combined cycle.**

Delivering the most economical drive, customers around the globe can purchase the 150PS Ingenium diesel, with a manual transmission (in 2WD), which delivers CO2 of just 123g/km on the EU combined cycle. In Europe and the UK, these models are known as eCapability models and are identified by the blue ‘Sport’ badge.

Full engine line-up

Engine Capacity Power (PS) Torque (Nm) CO2 (g/km)*  **
Ingenium Petrol: Si4 2.0-litre 240 340 181 / 182
Ingenium Petrol: Si4 2.0-litre 290 400 186 / 190
Ingenium Diesel: Td4 2.0-litre 150 380 139
Ingenium Diesel: Sd4 2.0-litre 180 430 139
Ingenium Diesel: Sd4 2.0-litre 240 500 169

* CO2 figures relate to five-seat / 5+2 seat derivatives, all four-wheel drive with automatic transmission
** Subject to global homologation

When the new high-powered Ingenium Petrol (290PS) engine is selected, customers will benefit from the Dynamic exterior pack as standard.

The Dynamic exterior pack has front bumpers with larger air intakes to improve engine cooling and give a more purposeful look. Gloss Black front grille and side vents, and 20-inch five split-spoke ‘Style 511’ alloys complete the look.

New choices for greater personalisation

Discovery Sport’s palette now features 12 color options. Solid: Fuji White and Narvik Black; Metallic: Indus Silver, Scotia Grey, Corris Grey, Santorini Black, Firenze Red, Yulong White, and Byron Blue; Premium Metallic: Namib Orange, Carpathian Grey, and Silicon Silver.

The customer personalisation theme continues with the optional contrast roof available in Corris Grey and Narvik Black.

Inside, a new Vintage Tan colourway is introduced, closely matching that of New Discovery.

Every seat benefits from changes to the seat foam composition making every occupant more comfortable. All powered seats are upgraded to include four-way lumbar support (up from two-way) ensuring long journeys can be tackled without discomfort, with 12-way configuration available as a customer option.

290PS Si4 Ingenium petrol is the most powerful engine ever offered on either model, delivered with a dynamic bodykit as standard

Ingenium Petrol Engines in Detail

Technologies include an integrated exhaust manifold, 2000bar direct injection system and twin-scroll turbocharger for responsiveness and efficiency.

The engines feature electrohydraulic control of the inlet valves. This cutting-edge technology enables variable valve lift, so load control is managed primarily by the intake valves rather than the throttle. This reduces pumping losses and provides unmatched flexibility and control over airflow into the combustion chambers, improving power and torque while increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

The powerful 290PS Si4 Ingenium petrol engine replaces traditional journal bearings in favour of turbo ball bearing cartridges which provide significant performance improvements to the turbocharger, including transient response and better efficiency.

Ingenium Diesels: A New Generation of Clean Diesel Engines

Jaguar Land Rover’s clean, refined four-cylinder Ingenium diesel delivers high levels of torque from low engine speeds for excellent responsiveness and acceleration whenever the driver demands it. Features such as the highly rigid crankcase, twin balancer shafts, and active fluid-filled engine mounts ensure superb refinement.

The sophisticated exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system uses a cooled low-pressure circuit in addition to a high-pressure circuit: this reduces pumping losses, increasing efficiency and reducing peak combustion temperatures to help reduce the formation of NOx in the cylinders.

The selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system cuts tailpipe emissions of NOx. The system injects AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid into the exhaust gas, where it reacts with the NOx and converts it into harmless nitrogen and water, ensuring that the Ingenium diesels comply with the stringent limits of Euro 6.

For greater performance without sacrificing efficiency, drivers can choose the more powerful Ingenium diesel: the Sd4. Equipped with two turbochargers – Jaguar Land Rover’s first application of a series-sequential boosting system – and a 2,200bar common-rail system, this engine produces 240PS and an exceptional 500Nm of torque from just 1,500rpm.

Note: Press release courtesy of Land Rover.