VotW – Classic Car Rescue MGB

It is Spring, VotW - Classic Car Rescue MGBa time of rebirth and renewal, and time to revive a venerable classic, the MGB. The Video Of The Week for this first Wednesday in May is from the series “Classic Car Rescue”.

Classic Car Rescue, a series produced by Blink Films, has entrepreneur and car specialist Mario Pacione teaming up with automotive manager and technical engineer Bernie Fineman to restore six iconic cars, including a Jaguar, Porsche, Mini Cooper and Mustang. In each episode, Pacione and Fineman search scrapyards, wastelands and backyards for broken-down rust-buckets with potential. The pair go to work to bring each car back to its former classic car glory. With a deadline and a tight budget, they work tirelessly in order to impress an expert valuer for a glittering price tag at the official presentation.

In this episode, the 3rd in the series, Bernie and Mario go out to hunt down an MGB. They visit a collector who offers a rubber bumper B GT, but they reject the offer, as the car has been disassembled and it is unknown if all of the parts are intact. Bernie then visits a farmer who owns a barn filled with classic cars, including an Inca Yellow 1976 B GT. After much argument between Bernie and the farmer over the car’s rotting state and the £800 asking price, Mario negotiates with the farmer over the phone and agrees to buy it for £500. Despite numerous mishaps including the rear suspension falling off the car lift and Bernie sacking the mechanics before rehiring them, the two-week restoration sees the car repainted in medium British racing green and have a chrome bumper conversion. The chrome grille chosen is of the ‘honeycomb’ style. The original fabric sunroof is also filled in.