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Rare MGBGT V8 SEC Goes Up For Auction

Leading online classic car auctioneer, The Market, will offer an extremely rare 1981 MGB GT V8 SEC this month, one of just five ‘Special Edition Classic’ MGBs made, in an online sale running from 21st to 28th May. Built from the final, unsold MGBs to leave the MG Abingdon factory before its closure in 1980, the ‘SEC’ series of one-off sports cars were built by a collaboration between British Leyland, MG Owner’s Club and The Abingdon Classic Car Company.

VotW - MGB GT Surviving and Thriving In The Arctic

VotW: MGB GT Surviving and Thriving In The Arctic

Featuring a video from the talented folks at Petrolicious, this week we take a ride in Bjartur Gudmundsson’s Pininfarina-styled MGB GT track car, gravel road slinger, and daily driver through some of Iceland’s most stunning back roads. “It’s loud, it smells of gasoline and fumes, but that’s part of the car. It is loud so you’re not allowed to think. You can’t. You just have to drive,” chuckles Bjartur as he revs the stylish British coupe before sidestepping the clutch. It’s evident this petrolhead has mastered the “it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow” mindset, as he’s caught sliding the flickable classic sports car down wet tarmac and fearlessly flogging over narrow muddy gravel paths.


VotW – MGB Buyer’s Guide featuring MGBGT

There is no doubt that of all the British marques, MG is the one that has sunk deepest into my veins. And of those classic cars, the MGBGT holds a special place in my heart. So, for our video of the week this go round we will turn to an MG buyer’s guide. Danny Hopkins, editor of Practical Classics Magazine, uses a 1975 MGBGT Jubilee edition to illustrate what to look for — including typical trouble spots — before you make a purchase.

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VotW – Classic Car Rescue MGB

It is Spring, a time of rebirth and renewal, and time to revive a venerable classic, the MGB. The Video Of The Week for this first Wednesday in May is from the series “Classic Car Rescue”. Classic Car Rescue, a series produced by Blink Films, has entrepreneur and car specialist Mario Pacione teaming up with automotive manager and technical engineer Bernie Fineman to restore six iconic cars, including a Jaguar, Porsche, Mini Cooper and Mustang. In each episode, Pacione and Fineman search scrapyards, wastelands and backyards for broken-down rust-buckets with potential. The pair go to work to bring each car back to its former classic car glory. With a deadline and a tight budget, they work tirelessly in order to impress an expert valuer for a glittering price tag at the official presentation. In this episode, the 3rd in the […]