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MGB – The Illustrated History, 4th Edition

Some books in this hobby are just must-haves. MGB: The Illustrated History by Jonathan Wood and Lionel Burrell is one of those books. And frankly, most of us already have it. It seems to be the first book a person gets when they buy an MGB, sometimes even before they get a repair manual.  So why are we talking about it here? Because there is a newly expanded 4th edition, that’s why. With this new edition, Veloce Publishing has taken over the job of publisher from Haynes. Veloce is known for putting out quality books in both the content and the actual construction of the volume. I have often commented on how you can count on books coming from Veloce to have beautiful covers, high-quality paper, and excellent printing. This new edition of the MGB work is no exception.

VotW - The MGB Abingdon Edition at Silverstone

VotW – Top Gear on the MGB Abingdon Edition at Silverstone

In this clip from Extra Gear in 2016, Rory Reid heads to MG Live at Silverstone to get the verdict on the MGB Abingdon Edition. From the Frontline website: The concept was the easy part, the design a greater challenge and the implementation even more so, but welcome to the all-new MG Abingdon Edition. Conceived for the driver that appreciates quality and craftsmanship but wanting something more than just understated class, style and charm. The Abingdon Delivers literally earth shattering performance transporting you from 0 – 60 miles per hour in just 3.8 seconds. Combine this with the latest in suspension and braking design, add in the most detailed of finishing’s using the finest materials available in the world and you have a car that will not only make you smile every time you see it, but find every excuse […]

New Video - History of the MGB & C by the MG Channel
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History of the MGB & C – New Video by the MG Channel

According to many, the last “real” MG was the MGB series which included the MGC — a very important part of the MG history. With over a half million built from 1962 thru 1980, the “B” was certainly the world’s best selling sports car until very recently being surpassed by the Mazda Miata. In this new video put out by Shelbourne Films and available on the Youtube MG channel restoration expert Tom Metcalf, North American MGB Register’s Alan Magnuson, and John Rogers of the North American MGC Register provide interesting and insightful information about these cars. In this new video put out by Shelbourne Films and available on the Youtube MG channel restoration expert Tom Metcalf, North American MGB Register’s Alan Magnuson, and John Rogers of the North American MGC Register provide interesting and insightful information about these cars.

VotW Last MGB Returns to Abingdon

VotW – Last MGB Returns to Abingdon

Our video this week deals with the last production MGB made and its continued travels. On October 23rd, 1980 the very last MGB Roadster rolled off the production line at the MG Car Company in Abingdon. After a while, this final specimen ended up in The Heritage Motor Center alongside 300 other classic, vintage, and veteran British cars. In fact, The Heritage Motor Center in Gaydon is the world’s largest British sports car collection. However, recognizing the importance of MG’s to the people of Abingdon, the Center was kind enough to loan that last MGB to Abingdon County Hall Museum for an indefinite period of time. There was only one problem with the loan – the display area at the museum is on the second floor of a historic building with winding stairs and no good way to get a full-sized car, even […]

Abingdon Spares - MGB front grill

Abingdon Spares Now Serving MGB Owners

We have received an announcement that Abingdon Spares, founded in 1968 and the world’s largest MG T-series parts specialist, is adding MGB parts to their ever-expanding catalog of MG parts. Ed Cooke of Abingdon reports that many of their customers have multiple MGs, and MGB seems to be the most popular second MG model. We will be sourcing many of the MGB parts from our existing T-Series suppliers. For convenience, we will be using the Moss part numbering system as it has become the industry standard. We will be offering some Moss products but at a discount. We will be sourcing parts from many suppliers for the best value. We will not be printing a catalog for MGB parts, our complete line of MGB parts is featured on our website. — Ed Cooke The MG T-series will continue to be Abingdon Spares […]

VotW - How a Heritage MGB Door is Made
Video of the Week

VotW – How a Heritage MGB Door is Made

In this video we go behind the scenes at British Motor Heritage Limited, to show you the processes of manufacturing an MGB door. I knew that there were multiple layers of an MGB door but never realized how much actually goes into it. The way these reproduction doors are made in the video is exactly the same way they were made by the factory back in the day.

VotW - MGB Review

VotW – MGB Review! – Are All MG’s Unreliable?

I hear a lot how young people aren’t into our older British cars, but I think that sometimes that is just because they haven’t been given the chance. To show how some younger folk view our classic sports cars, our video this week is from a guy who goes by the YouTube handle of ThatDudeInBlue. The video, a review of a nice MGB, is quite honest and although he approaches the car from a distinctively modern viewpoint, it is clear that he enjoys the ride. The reviewer is very honest in talking about both the successes and the shortcomings of the MGB. He mentions how the cars have a reputation for unreliability, though it seems he doesn’t take much stock in that. In contrast to being a bit small and perhaps underpowered, he talks about how the MGB and other […]

Vitesse 5-Speed for the MGB
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BMH Now Offering 5-Speed Transmission for MGB

Few would argue that the MGB remains Britain’s favourite classic sports car or that it is almost as at home in modern traffic as it was in that of the ‘60s/‘70s. However, it can nevertheless be updated to advantage and British Motor Heritage (BMH) is now stocking the superb Vitesse Global 5-speed manual gearbox conversion for the model. Based on the renowned transmission of the Mazda MX5 MK3, the replacement gearbox comes fully assembled and complete with clutch friction plate, slave cylinder, braided clutch pipe, speedometer cable, prop shaft and fixing kit. No modifications are required to the bodyshell and fitting is therefore quick and well within the scope of any competent home mechanic.

1969 MGB Readers Rides Dog Foster
Reader Profile

Reader Profile – Doug Foster and His 1969 MGB

Reader Doug Foster recently sent me an email telling me about his car. I still own the first car I ever bought (while in college 1971): A 1969 Primrose MGB.  Currently has 72k original miles and over the last few years have cleaned her up and rebuilt the motor.  She is virtually the same now as when she left the factory – no reproduction parts!  She won second place in the Forest Grove Concours last year… Recently my wife and I fell in love with MG Magnettes and purchased a 1958 ZB Varitone that is in great condition. Robert A. Mac Millan of Salem, Oregon bought the car new on May 29, 1969. Doug purchased the car in 1971 from Robert while Doug was completing college. He drove it daily for several years and frequently entered various time speed distance rallies, […]

What it means to own an MGB or TRIUMPH SPITFIRE
Video of the Week

VotW – Owning a Triumph Spitfire or MGB

Our video this week is a quick, very quick, look at what it means to own a Triumph Spitfire or MGB. Both of the people and cars in this video are unique, but even with the choices and differences, they hit upon some of the common threads of classic British sportscar ownership. I will admit to finding this video interesting partially for the reason that I have both an MGB and a Spitfire in the stable at the moment. The Spitfire is my daily driver and the MGB is undergoing a very slow version of a restoration. In a short period of time, with either car, you become intimately familiar with their quirks, charm, and personalities. And yes, unlike a lot of modern cars, the little roadsters have a ton of personality and no two – even of same year […]

VotW - The MGB Video

MGB Movie – Our Video of the Week (VotW)

Our video this week is humbly titled “MGB Movie” and traces the development of the MGB from its replacement of the venerable MGA in 1962 all the way through MGs decline and the resurgence with the MG RV8 in 1993. It is easy to forget today how important the MGB was during its time. If you go to a British car show this weekend, who can blame you for getting a bit tired of the rows on rows of Bs? Hey, don’t blame the messenger.  I have a 1977 B roadster now, have had numerous models and vintages of convertibles and GTs, and absolutely love them. But, even I can get a bit tired of the umpteenth over “restored” B with a Weber carb, headers, electronic fuel pump, alloy valve cover, stone-guard headlight covers, and modern digital radio. We are justified […]


VotW – MGB Buyer’s Guide featuring MGBGT

There is no doubt that of all the British marques, MG is the one that has sunk deepest into my veins. And of those classic cars, the MGBGT holds a special place in my heart. So, for our video of the week this go round we will turn to an MG buyer’s guide. Danny Hopkins, editor of Practical Classics Magazine, uses a 1975 MGBGT Jubilee edition to illustrate what to look for — including typical trouble spots — before you make a purchase.

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VotW – Classic Car Rescue MGB

It is Spring, a time of rebirth and renewal, and time to revive a venerable classic, the MGB. The Video Of The Week for this first Wednesday in May is from the series “Classic Car Rescue”. Classic Car Rescue, a series produced by Blink Films, has entrepreneur and car specialist Mario Pacione teaming up with automotive manager and technical engineer Bernie Fineman to restore six iconic cars, including a Jaguar, Porsche, Mini Cooper and Mustang. In each episode, Pacione and Fineman search scrapyards, wastelands and backyards for broken-down rust-buckets with potential. The pair go to work to bring each car back to its former classic car glory. With a deadline and a tight budget, they work tirelessly in order to impress an expert valuer for a glittering price tag at the official presentation. In this episode, the 3rd in the […]

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MG Club Rescues Ex-Rally Car

An ex-London to Sydney marathon car abandoned in a scrap yard has been rescued by enthusiasts at one of the UK’s biggest MG clubs. The car, which took part in the 1968 event, has been dragged out of the Southampton scrappy and given a new home by the MG Car Club. Driven by Jean Denton, UMD534F was not a Works entry, but did receive significant support from the BMC Competitions Department. The car was prepared for racing by her husband, Tony Denton, and Tom Boyce – Jean’s navigator for the rally. That meant double-welded seams, uprated headlamps and a double fuel tank in the boot. The passenger seat could also be converted into a bed. After finishing in 42nd place, the sports car was put out to pasture and finally dry stored in the 1980s. Now the club’s MGB Register […]

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VotW – MGB The Car’s The Star

After a brief absence, we return with a new Video of the Week. This week MGBs are on the mind and so our video will be one entitled “The Car’s the Star”. It is a documentary on the famous MG which was produced for basically two decades. For those who have been living under a rock and aren’t familiar with the MGB, the ‘B’ as it is known is a two-door sports car manufactured and marketed by MG Cars and its successors as a four-cylinder, soft-top roadster (1962-1980) — along with variants including the MGB GT three-door 2+2 coupé (1965-1974), the six-cylinder roadster and coupé MGC (1967-1969), and the eight-cylinder 2+2 coupé, the MGB GT V8 (1973-1976). Replacing the MGA in 1962, production of the MGB and its variants continued by the British Motor Corporation and its successors, British Motor […]

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VotW – Allegories In The Garage

For our video this week we have the second installment in Michael Austin’s “Allegories In The Garage” series. I first stumbled on Michael and his videos via the forums over on The MG Experience. If you haven’t hit that site, and are a fan of MGs, you owe it to yourself to do so. The video itself is a wonderful exploration of relevance and why we might chose to drive an MGB in this modern world. What can an old car, of antiquated design, without computers, without GPS, with a need for personal maintenance, provide for us in this day and age of automation and hands-off motoring? To quote Michael on this, “This is a very personal and unusual series that I have decided to do. It is a reflection on life as viewed through the projects in my garage. […]

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HRDC MGB50 Series

The much talked-about HRDC MGB50 Series got underway at Goodwood on 1 November, with an auspicious reunion between four original works MGB competition cars and some of the luminary figures who were instrumental in the success of these fabulous racers. Long-term MGB stalwart Barry Sidery-Smith and Julius Thurgood, founder and race director of the HRDC, hosted this special gathering at Goodwood, with the support of long-term HRDC sponsor CCK Historic. Guests included: works driver Alec Poole, BMC Competition Department guru Bill Price, BMC Competition Department Manager Peter Browning, BMC ‘Comps Shop’ Manager Basil Wales, BMC ‘Comps Shop’ mechanics Den Green and Brian Moylan, MG guru Malcolm Beer, veteran MGB racer Paul Campfield and MG historian John Baggott. The Works MGB cars were not just on static display, but were put through their paces on the Goodwood circuit by Barry Sidery-Smith, […]