Triumph Spitfire Door Handle Mechanism
Road Ink

Triumph Spitfire Door Handle Mechanicals

Welcome to our new post category – “Road Ink“. The first of this new category is a short video on the innards of a Triumph Spitfire door mechanism. These mechanics are notorious for going out of alignment and even breaking. When this happens, you can no long open the car’s door from the outside. Quite frustrating, trust me! What is even more frustrating is that the fairly simple repair parts are not available for purchase. You either get to fork out over $200 for a complete unit, or attempt for use used or alternative parts. This latter choice is what those of us not made of money would prefer to do, but since this unit was always viewed as a single item by Triumph and BL, documentation is scarce. Hence this video. I just want to take a few moments […]

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VotW – Classic Car Rescue MGB

It is Spring, a time of rebirth and renewal, and time to revive a venerable classic, the MGB. The Video Of The Week for this first Wednesday in May is from the series “Classic Car Rescue”. Classic Car Rescue, a series produced by Blink Films, has entrepreneur and car specialist Mario Pacione teaming up with automotive manager and technical engineer Bernie Fineman to restore six iconic cars, including a Jaguar, Porsche, Mini Cooper and Mustang. In each episode, Pacione and Fineman search scrapyards, wastelands and backyards for broken-down rust-buckets with potential. The pair go to work to bring each car back to its former classic car glory. With a deadline and a tight budget, they work tirelessly in order to impress an expert valuer for a glittering price tag at the official presentation. In this episode, the 3rd in the […]

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Can’t Have Anything Nice

Please be respectful of both yourself and others this holiday season – drive carefully! Sure I am worried about you, the loyal reader, but I am also worried about the rest of us and our prized cars. Even if no one is injured, repairing cars can be expensive. Of course it is always cheaper to fix the damage with used car parts, but this can still be costly as well as time and aggravation. Plus damage can often leave deep psychological scars – at least it can with me. Two cases in point that don’t involve injuries at all. First is my sister and her fairly new Mitsubishi Eclipse. She arrived home to visit for this holiday season with a favor to ask of me. She needs me to help her replace the passenger side mirror on her car. Seems […]

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Classic Cars

Spring Prep For Your Classic

It is, for some of us, getting to be that time of year when we think about Spring, long drive with our favorite car, and car shows. But, before you head out it would benefit you and your classic if you would take a few minutes to do a checkup on the car. This will not only help the car run better, but could keep you off the side of the road. Fuel System We think one of the best car insurance policies is a sound fuel system. This means examining every hose, line and fitting from the fuel filler to the tank and carburetor. Depending on how long the car has been stored, stale fuel can also be an issue. It has a much different smell from fresh fuel, and if it’s really stagnant, we pump the tank out […]