Can’t Have Anything Nice

Please be respectful of both yourself and others this holiday season – drive carefully! Sure I am worried about you, the loyal reader, but I am also worried about the rest of us and our prized cars. Even if no one is injured, repairing cars can be expensive. Of course it is always cheaper to fix the damage with used car parts, but this can still be costly as well as time and aggravation. Plus damage can often leave deep psychological scars – at least it can with me.

Two cases in point that don’t involve injuries at all. First is my sister and her fairly new Mitsubishi Eclipse. She arrived home to visit for this holiday season with a favor to ask of me. She needs me to help her replace the passenger side mirror on her car. Seems she was parked in a parking garage during work and when she came out the mirror was scraped up and bashed in. Obviously someone had parked too close and her mirror was the casualty. Now this isn’t a huge thing, but it sure does aid in taking the new feel off the car. Just an example of someone being thoughtless and a bit careless.

Second, my own MGB of a few years back. Actually, make that two MGBs! With each on of these cars I was parked legally on the side of a road. In both cases though someone pulling out from a driveway nearby was not looking and backed into the front fender of my car. Of course no normal insurance company will pay for the proper repair and painting of a 20 to 30 year old car, so in both cases I was left with mis-matched paint and a permanent reminder that life isn’t fair.

Hey, I know accidents happen. But many of them can be avoided. So please, don’t text while you drive, use a hands free headset to talk on the cell phone, and slow down and look where you are going. We will all live better happier lives for it.


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