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Hagerty Price Guide Shows UK Classic Car Market Still Growing

Classic car and motorbike insurance specialists Hagerty have just announced their most recent update to its market-leading UK Hagerty Price Guide (HPG). The HPG update, published online on 7th December 2016, shows that the UK classic car market has rebounded strongly in Q4 2016, with the Hagerty Classic Index showing an increase of 7.3% against a Q3 increase of just 1.3%. Analysis of the figures has also shown that top condition classic cars have performed best across the full price guide, with Hagerty’s condition 1 (‘concours’) cars achieving an average price increase of 1.8% in Q4 and condition 4 (‘fair’) cars achieving an average increase of only 0.7%.

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Can’t Have Anything Nice

Please be respectful of both yourself and others this holiday season – drive carefully! Sure I am worried about you, the loyal reader, but I am also worried about the rest of us and our prized cars. Even if no one is injured, repairing cars can be expensive. Of course it is always cheaper to fix the damage with used car parts, but this can still be costly as well as time and aggravation. Plus damage can often leave deep psychological scars – at least it can with me. Two cases in point that don’t involve injuries at all. First is my sister and her fairly new Mitsubishi Eclipse. She arrived home to visit for this holiday season with a favor to ask of me. She needs me to help her replace the passenger side mirror on her car. Seems […]

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A Word About Quality Auto Insurance

For you are looking for an auto insurance quote, you should check as many resources as possible – both on and offline. There are some great sites on the web that offer helpful tips and advice about auto insurance as well as free online auto insurance quotes. In addition to the auto insurance rates though, you should be checking the coverage, the terms, and also looking into what kind of service you are going to get after the sale. A few of the things you need to consider include: Where do you take your car if it is damaged. How quickly will the insurance company pay for the claim. What kind of experience have existing and past customers have with the claims adjuster? Does the automobile insurance provider require full payment up front, or do they have monthly terms? All […]