British Car Week 2021
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Celebrate British Car Week 2021!

British Car Week, to be celebrated this year from May 23 through May 30, is an annual British car awareness week intended for promoting British cars everywhere. Participants don’t need to travel very far for this event because it takes place in their own community. […]

BMW & MINI Driving Experience Relaunches in the USA 3

MINI Driving Experience Relaunches in the USA

BMW of North America is proud to offer customers and enthusiasts the opportunity to experience newly enhanced driver training courses for both the BMW and MINI Driving Experiences. The BMW Performance Center West in southern California and the BMW Performance Center East in Spartanburg, South Carolina now bear the seal of quality “BMW Driving Experience, Official Partner of BMW M.” The basis for this is the successful certification by a team of inspectors from the BMW and MINI Driving Experiences in Germany. The first international location to be awarded this status was the BMW and MINI Driving Experience in the Netherlands in 2015.

Orange Blossom Tour

Orange Blossom Tour

Join Hosts Tim & Margie Suddard as they show you the unseen back roads and laid-back destinations known only to longtime Floridians – including Fernandina Beach, Okefenokee Swamp, Ocala National Forest, Gainesville, Mt Dora and more. Along the way, you will experience some unique restaurants, attractions and visit with special guests. This year they’re also ranging north to add some coastal Georgia roads and a stay at the 125 year old Jekyll Island Club.  They’ll also be adding a competitive element to the tour which includes a rally stage, autocross and concours all for some great prizes. The tour will wrap up back at Amelia Island just in time for our guests to enjoy the prestigious Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance with an exclusive VIP ticket package available to the tour guests.

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Can’t Have Anything Nice

Please be respectful of both yourself and others this holiday season – drive carefully! Sure I am worried about you, the loyal reader, but I am also worried about the rest of us and our prized cars. Even if no one is injured, repairing cars can be expensive. Of course it is always cheaper to fix the damage with used car parts, but this can still be costly as well as time and aggravation. Plus damage can often leave deep psychological scars – at least it can with me. Two cases in point that don’t involve injuries at all. First is my sister and her fairly new Mitsubishi Eclipse. She arrived home to visit for this holiday season with a favor to ask of me. She needs me to help her replace the passenger side mirror on her car. Seems […]