One Jaguar Land Rover Sold Every 30 Seconds in UK in March

A Jaguar Land Rover vehicle was registered every 30 seconds in March as Britain’s biggest car manufacturer continued a record-breaking start to 2017.

One Jaguar Land Rover sold every 30 seconds in March

Jaguar Land Rover celebrated its best March sales in its history with Jaguar sales up 68% to 9,484 and Land Rover achieving 22,283 sales, up by 14% percent, driven by a raft of new models.

Commenting on the performance, Jeremy Hicks, Jaguar Land Rover UK Managing Director said:

After a record breaking 2016 and start to 2017 we are continuing our momentum with these March figures. In the midst of the current uncertain economic climate, it shows that the Jaguar and Land Rover brands are stronger than ever here in the UK.

New products are driving this success, with both brands now offering a range of vehicles that suit the lifestyles and appeal to more buyers than ever before. We are no longer an attractive alternative but a serious rival to our established competitors. With new models on their way throughout 2017 this momentum looks set to continue.

For Jaguar, the XE enjoyed its best month in the UK since its 2015 launch, retailing 3,359 vehicles last month. The F-PACE continues its impressive start as the fastest-selling Jaguar ever while gaining critical acclaim with more than 40 awards in its first year. The World Car of the Year finalist retailed 2,879 vehicles in March.

The Jaguar XJ continues to attract executive and fleet buyers, with 311 leaving UK showrooms in March. Its performance and luxurious credentials are demonstrated by the impressive fact that 8 out of 10 customers to take it for a test drive this year have been compelled into making a purchase.

Land Rover retailed 22,283 vehicles in March, its best sales month ever. The All-New Discovery enjoyed an impressive first full-month of sales with its versatile package and abundance of new technology making it the vehicle of choice for 3,284 UK buyers.

The Discovery Sport has overtaken the Range Rover Evoque as the fastest-selling Land Rover of all time in the UK, retailing an impressive 7,239 vehicles in March. Despite being in its seventh year of production, the all-conquering Evoque achieved its best-ever sales month, with 6,736 leaving UK showrooms last month.

Momentum will continue with the impending arrival of the fourth member of the Range Rover family, the Range Rover Velar, which is available to order now. The first electric Jaguar, the I-PACE, will be revealed later in 2017 and the business has announced its intention to produce a new generation of the XF Sportbrake.

Note: Press release courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover UK.


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  1. The opening statement of this article is completely full of Meadow Muffins. The month of March is comprised of thirty days of 24 hours, and one day of only 23 hours (the day in which the clocks are set to summer time/daylight saving time. If we set up a formula to calculate the instantiations (I.e. the count of the occurrences satisfying the stated criteria), we will find the number to be 85,680 instantiations within the month of March. This number is 2.7 times 31,767, which is the sum of March car sales explicitly stated later in the article.

    When I read this kind of fiction, including counting the apples (“registrations” – what’s that…completing the owner documentation with your friendly Department of Motor Vehicles?) and oranges (“sales” – what,s that…signing the order form?, or driving the car home from the dealer’s lot?), I recognize false advertising, and I lose all confidence in any more “facts” yet to be read. In many instances, I read no further.

    It is a genuine shame that major corporations mis-use words and numbers in an effort to influence your decision to purchase their products, instead of simply relying on the quality of their products to influence your decision to buy.

    Jaguar Land Rover, tear down this cloud of nonsense if you wish your readers to continue past the opening sentence. We should be able to expect quality writing consisting of correct and valid prose, backed up by explicitly enumerated data. Anything less may lead us to purchase from another marque.

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