Lead Image - Run For The Hills

Thousands Gather for Morgan’s Inaugural Run For The Hills

Morgan Motor Company celebrated over a century of innovation and craftsmanship at the inaugural Run For The Hills event last weekend with 1000’s of Morgans from a 108-year history returning home to Malvern. Held at the Malvern Three Counties Showground in association with the Morgan Sports Car Club, Morgan owners and aficionados from around the world gathered for two days of family fun, just a few miles from the Pickersleigh Road home of the iconic coachbuilder. 

Video Recap - Morgan 3-Wheeler Convention Georgia

Video Recap – Morgan 3-Wheeler Convention Georgia

The first US Morgan 3-wheeler convention was held in Augusta, Georgia a couple of weeks ago, and by all accounts, it was a great success. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend, but Dee Gibson put together a Youtube slideshow using photos from the convention.  Looks like everyone was having a fun time.  You can check out more coverage of the event at the official website. And while we are looking at fantastic old 3-wheel Morgans, check out this beautiful 1938 car. This Youtube video was also published on the convention’s Facebook page, and we think it is an excellent portrayal of the spirit behind Morgan folk. Oh, OK. As long as we are lusting after these oddball beauties let’s take a look at just one more. I lied. Yes, I lied. One more!    

Morgan Malvern Factory Gate
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Morgan Motor Company Reacquires Malvern Home

Continuing the positive momentum in the business, and as part of a long-term strategy, Morgan Motor Company has hit yet another milestone in a record year, with the re-acquisition of factory land in Malvern. At the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year Steve Morris, Managing Director Morgan Motor Company, announced a record trading year with a 14% revenue growth year-on-year. It’s the first of many positive steps planned in a long-term strategy for Morgan Motor Company under the guidance of Morris, the Morgan family and recently appointed Chairman Dominic Riley.

VotW - Morgan Aero 8 vs Muscle Biplane 1

VotW – Morgan Aero 8 vs Muscle Biplane

Our video this week comes via our friends at Morgan. World War 1 fighter pilot and Morgan owner Albert Ball once remarked that his pre-war Morgan Three Wheeler was “the closest thing to flying without leaving the ground.” – Since that time, Morgan sports cars have been thrilling drivers around the world with their unique and exhilarating driving experience, be it on 3 wheels, 4 wheels or with the Aero. Their use, however, has never extended to a “race” between a Morgan and a plane, until now! Morgan’s latest video pits their fastest model, the Aero 8, against a Pitts S2S muscle biplane in a head-to-head airfield drag race.

Morgan Motor Company Introduces Collection of Morgan Ales

Morgan Motor Company Introduces Collection of Morgan Ale

The Morgan Motor Company and The Friday Beer Company have joined forces to introduce a new collection of official Morgan Ale. Working in partnership to perfect the final product, labeling and associated packaging, the two Malvern-based companies are delighted to present a collection of three unique blends. The Morgan 4/4 Blonde Ale, the Morgan 3 Wheeler Dark Mild Ale, and a Morgan Aero 8 Rye Ale complete the collection, with each one representing one of the models in the Morgan range. Founded in 1909, the 108-year-old Morgan Motor Company continue to thrive under the ownership of the founding family, proudly remaining the oldest privately owned motor manufacturer in the world – hand-crafting coach built traditional British sports cars that are fun to drive and unique within the marketplace. Their desire to offer something truly unique to their customers and passion […]

Morgan Introduces EV3 Junior

Morgan Introduces EV3 Junior

In 2016 Morgan announced their first production electric vehicle. Capable of 100mph and 0-60 in 8 seconds, and still entirely coach-built, the EV3 has received great acclaim from motoring press and enthusiasts alike following its launch at the Geneva Motor Show. Morgan continues to celebrate this new chapter in their manufacturing history by announcing the arrival of the EV3 Junior targeting aspiring young Morgan owners!

VotW - Classic British Cars in America

VotW – British Cars in America

Our Thanksgiving Video of the Week (VotW) comes to us by way of the fine Canadian folks of Men & Motors. Titled “Classic British Cars in America”, this is obviously a subject we can all be thankful for. In this video from just over three years ago,  the M&M folks make their way to English Motors in Macomb, Michigan, which I believe is now closed, to look at some great British cars and talk about the fascination Americans have with them. Adrian Bell is in Detroit, Michigan talking about classic British cars. He meets British car enthusiast Sue Snyder who shows him her 1980 MG MGB which she has owned since it was new, plus Don Ensloe shows Adrian around his car garage which specialises in maintaining and restoring British cars for their American owners.

MotorPunk's Albert Ball Memorial Blat - A Morgan 3 Wheeler Road Trip

MotorPunk’s Albert Ball Memorial Blat – A Morgan 3 Wheeler Road Trip

This past summer,  MotorPunk organised a fitting tribute to WWI fighter ace and Morgan fanatic, Captain Albert Ball, with a 13 car fly-past on the 99th anniversary of his tragic death. Whilst lacking the creature comfort of a traditional Grand Tourer, the Morgan Three Wheeler is a marvelous machine to look at, and an absolute hoot to drive. You just have to pack light! MotorPunk on Captain Albert Ball … On May 7th, 1917, Captain Albert Ball met his end following a dogfight with Lothar von Richthofen, brother of the famous Red Baron. An unlikely hero, Captain Ball was a modest man from Nottingham who rose to become one of Britain’s finest fighter aces. He was also one of the very first customers for Morgan’s Three Wheeler, a car he described as being “the closest thing to flying, without leaving […]

AR Motorsport Challenge 2016 - Silverstone National

Morgan AR Motorsport Challenge 2016 – Silverstone National

After a brief summer break and a trip to Angelsey for the Morgan Challenge, it was back to Silverstone for the third time in the 2016 season. This visit would see the 35 car grid compete on the National Circuit as part of the Bentley Drivers Meeting. A highlight of the calendar, the Bentley Drivers Club meet is always well attended from both the Bentley and Morgan communities, and demonstrates some of the most prestigious Bentleys throughout the history of their company. For many years the Morgan Challenge has featured as part of the BDC meeting, and for 2016 the weather had been ordered, with beautiful sunshine engulfing the home of British motorsport. As the cars assembled for qualifying it was a welcomed return to the challenge series for accomplished drivers Olly Bryant and Will Plant in their Plus 8s. […]

Morgan UK 1909 Edition EV3

Morgan 1909 Edition EV3 to make Salon Privé Debut

Leading British luxury event, Salon Privé, is delighted to announce that the Morgan 1909 Edition EV3 will make its global public debut at the event, which takes place once again at Blenheim Palace from 1st to 3rd September. Launched in conjunction with Selfridges, alongside nine other iconic British brands, just 19 bespoke, handmade Morgan UK 1909 Edition EV3s will be available for sale. The car, which comes with a bespoke driving kit from British design talents such as Alexander McQueen, Dents and Belstaff, is priced at £52,500.

Retromobile 2011 - Morgan V6 Roadster
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New Morgan to the US – View from One Dealer

This piece was sent to us by our friend Christopher Silvestri who runs Christopher John, LTD down in Florida. They are the U.S.’s newest Morgan dealer, and like us, have high hopes for the reintroduction of new 4-wheeled Morgan cars to our shores.  With the Passing of  the new replica law, the Morgan V6 Roadster’s return to the U.S. is on the not too distant horizon! And this Daytona area Morgan dealer is ready. While it has been hard for the Morgan Car Company to bring four wheel cars into the U.S. due to stringent emissions and safety laws in recent years, a new law passed in December of 2015 is allowing Morgan dealers to begin gearing up for  new four-wheeled Morgan cars later this year. The classic Morgan range fits into the “replica” area of the law with brand new […]


First Morgan Aero 8 Vehicles Handed Over to UK Dealers

The first Aero 8 vehicles have been delivered to the Morgan UK Dealer network as part of a handover day at the factory in Malvern. 11 of the 13 UK Dealer Aero 8 demonstrators have been handed over in style as part of a special handover day at the Morgan factory on Wednesday (18/05/2016). Launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015, the new model is the fifth generation Aero 8, with Dealer demonstrators being the first production vehicles to be built.

The Michele Butler Collection

Morgan Introduces Michele Butler Collection

Morgan is introducing the Michele Butler Collection of collectible household items for the Morgan enthusiast. A selection of beautifully hand drawn images of classic Morgan cars, from a Flat-Rad, to a Plus-8 or a 3-Wheeler. These classic drawings are captured in stylish mugs, coaster and collectible magnets for all Morgan enthusiasts. To check out the full collection and order online, please check out the Morgan Motors online shop. Note: Press release courtesy of Morgan Motors.

Sales of Morgan Cars in US Resuming

Sales of Morgan Cars in US Resuming

This just in by way of an email from Isis Motors, and I shall quote … While details remain to be finalized, the latest word from the Morgan Motor Company is that they anticipate opening the order books for NEW Morgan cars for the USA, possibly as soon as this summer. It is possible that production may begin on USA spec cars before the end of the year. The most likely model – as yet unconfirmed – would be the Morgan V6 Roadster. This will be a most welcome development as I, and I know many others, eagerly anticipate the return of the sale of full 4-wheeled Morgans to the US.   Isis Motors is so sure of all this that they are now accepting deposits. They say that “deposits are refundable up until 8 weeks prior to the build […]

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Dominic Riley Appointed as New Chairman of Morgan Technologies Ltd

Morgan Technologies Limited is delighted to announce the appointment of new company Chairman, Dominic Riley. Dominic joins the 107 year old family owned firm from June, taking over from Andrew Duncan, who will remain as a Non-Executive Director of the family trust.

Making a Morgan 17 days of craftmanship: step-by-step from specification sheet to finished car By Andreas Hensing

Making A Morgan By Andreas Hensing – Review

I have to tell you honestly, I fell in love with this book. How many car books can you honestly say that you read passages out of to your wife and daughter, and they were amused. Interested even. Sorry, but that just doesn’t happen in my house. Making A Morgan By Andreas Hensing, hits the ball out of the park in so many ways it is hard to know where to start. The book starts with the requisite short history of the Morgan car company, its founders, and the cars they have produced over last 100 plus years. All that is really good stuff, but the meat of the book is what comes next.  Hensing visits the factory at Malvern and follows the production of a car through its entire production cycle from the moment of conception – the build sheet, all […]

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Partnership Between Morgan Motor Company and University of Wolverhampton

The Morgan Motor Company and University of Wolverhampton today (15/03/2016) announced a partnership between the two organisations that will enhance student experience and future product development through motorsport. The collaboration will see the University and Morgan, the oldest privately owned motor manufacturer in the world, team up to provide engineering students with a range of activities and opportunities including educational programmes, research and development and motor racing. UWR (University of Wolverhampton Race Team) students will have the opportunity to work alongside Morgan craftsmen and women as they take part in the 2016 AR Motorsport Morgan Challenge Series. Running a University liveried Morgan Plus 4 Babydoll, the students will attend every race meeting as well as preparing and testing the car from their Telford Innovation campus in Priorslee.

Christopher John LTD Announces New Morgan Dealership
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Christopher John LTD Announces Morgan Dealership In Florida

Christopher John LTD is pleased to announce the opening of their Morgan dealership in Holly Hill, Florida.  Located on U.S. 1, just two miles north of International Speedway Boulevard in the heart of Daytona Beach.  Convenient from Orlando or Jacksonville and even the west coast of Florida or from Georgia, Christopher John LTD is excited to be part of the Morgan world and bringing these beautiful cars to this part of Florida. Christopher John LTD is a name born from father and son a lifetime of sports car interests, racing and youthful enthusiasm, the utmost professionalism and a whole lot of fun. Vintage racing and English sports cars have been Christopher Silvestri’s passion for more years than he can remember. From childhood in the back of his father’s Sunbeam, Alfa or Rover he knew he was part of something special. […]


Morgan 4/4 80th Anniversary Edition

Conceived in 1935, the introduction of the 4-4 signalled Morgan’s move to 4 wheeled vehicles and the beginning of the next chapter in Morgan history. On the 15th of October 1936, the eagerly anticipated 4-4 debuted at the London Motor Show, held at Olympia. The modest 4-4 was a lightweight, affordable runabout that had been proven in local trials with great success across the UK. More recently known as the 4/4, this model has been a stalwart of the Morgan model range since its inception 80 years ago, and despite a short break during WWII, has been in continuous production ever since. And this year will be the 80th anniversary. 2016 marks 80 years of this automotive icon, a British success story and the longest running production car in the world. To celebrate, the Morgan Motor Company is proud to […]