Morgan Introduces Branded Motor Oil

Morgan Motor Company and Morris Lubricants are introducing the official Morgan Motor Oil. Available in a vintage style collectible 5-litre oil can, the Morgan Motor Oil is suitable for selected Morgan models only, and is manufactured from a combination of advanced base fluids and the latest additive technology.

Morgan Motor Oil

Morgan 10W-40  is semi-synthetic multigrade engine oil. It is formulated for use in petrol engines fitted to passenger cars, Morgan Motor Oil 10W-40 will protect camshafts, critical valve gear and bearings from wear, even under severe cold start conditions. The oil is not suitable for Aero 8, Plus 8 or 3-Wheeler.

The decorative collectible can is also being sold separately, empty. Both oil and can may be purchased from the Morgan Motor Company website.

Note: Press release courtesy of Morgan Motor Company.




  1. We already bought the oil can. The price of shipping is a little high. Maybe they should have made them “quart” size. Collectors like the, and cheaper to ship.
    Remember, you are not buying oil, but a can of pure Malvern air. It is something like buying Lucas smoke in a can.

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