New Morgan Four Wheelers Coming to US

A long-loved British sports car is finally returning to the US. Morgan Motor Company, in response to U.S. Morgan dealers unfulfilled demand for 4 wheeled Morgans and also the disappointing lack of progress in implementing the Replica Car Bill, is now addressing the issue proactively. Last week Morgan Motor Company announced that they are prepared to manufacture a functional rolling chassis in both Roadster and Plus 4 variants, that can then be shipped to the US, using the specially constructed vehicle route to market.

New Morgan Four Wheelers Coming to the US 1

It is fully appreciated that there has been a significant hiatus regarding supply of four-wheeled Morgan vehicles to the US. Additionally,  the proposed Replica Car Bill has stalled significantly during the last 2 years and is still without any clear steer on the outcome with regards to both timing and legislative requirements. We believe there is a huge pent-up demand for traditional Morgans in the U.S.

Morgan plans an initial build of 40 Roadsters and 40 Plus 4’s during the remainder of 2018.

Upon hearing the news in San Francisco, Bill Fink of Morgan Cars USA was too jubilant at the prospect of new cars to dwell about the low number of vehicles. This year marks his 50th anniversary as a Morgan dealer.

We have long awaited the opportunity to provide our customers with classic Morgans again. After the days without new 4-wheeled cars started stretching into years, and all the time spent waiting for implementation of the Fast Act – this is a very happy turn of events.

New Morgans for the USA

The Morgan Motor Company has just opened the order books for USA bound roadsters. Immediately available models include the Morgan Plus 4 (base price MSRP $69,995) and the Roadster 3.7 (base price MSRP $79,995.)  Freight, options, taxes, and fees are additional. With the suggestion that as few as 80 vehicles will be built to meet the demand, and factoring in the Morgan devotees on dealers’ wait lists … the available build dates will be filled quickly.

New Morgan Four Wheelers Coming to the US

Christopher Silvestri, who also been fielding many requests for trad Morgans at his Florida based Morgan dealership, Christopher John Ltd. states:

If your dream is to own a bespoke classic 4 wheel Morgan car, please contact us to see how we can help you select the options to create a special Morgan Roadster or Plus 4 that reflects your personal style.

Official Morgan dealerships such as Christopher John Ltd. and Morgan Cars USA are happy to answer questions, reserve your build date with the factory, and assist with selecting custom options for your Morgan.

New Morgan Four Wheelers Coming to the US 2

Authorized Morgan Dealers include:

Christopher John Ltd.
Daytona Beach, Florida
(772) 634-4363 

Morgan Cars USA
San Francisco, California

Please note – Thanks to Christopher Silvestri for the report.

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