VotW – A Man and His Morgan

How about something a bit more eclectic? For our Video of the Week this go-round we are going to feature some early footage with Bill Fink of Isis Imports describing his love of the Morgan car. This video also features footage of Bill in his Morgan SLR, one of 3 Morgan racing coupes built.

The SLR name was actually short for Sprinzel LawrenceTune Racing, noting Lawrence’s collaboration with John Sprinzel, who is best known for creating and racing the Speedwell Sprites. The lightweight body’s rough lines were penned by Chris Spender. His design was further refined by Charlie Williams of coach-builder Williams and Pritchard. The final product looked nothing like any Morgan that came before.

Morgan SLR
Photo courtesy Morgan Motors

Isis Imports, now changing its name to Morgan Cars USA, is the work of Bill Fink.  Named for the river on which Bill rowed while at Oxford, Isis Imports is the longest standing Morgan dealership in the United States. Bill Fink began bringing Morgans to the USA from the UK while still a student at Oxford University. After making a few bucks profit he began to pursue his love for the Morgan car in earnest. Eventually, when he discovered a way to enable Morgans to be imported to the USA (considered an impossible task at this time) by converting them to run on propane, he became the sole USA Morgan dealer – his contract consisted of a handshake with Peter Morgan. He enjoyed great satisfaction providing customers nationwide with their hand-built Morgans, and the wait list for a build slot was worth the wait for the true Morgan devotees. Eventually, another dealership was added on the East Coast, and despite their closing after a long run, in the mid-2000s seven new dealers were appointed in the States. Today the USA boasts several Morgan dealerships. All of this is possible because of the efforts of Bill Fink.

Thanks to Tcherek Kamstra of Morgan Car Badges for pointing me to this video.

Michael Carnell
Editor at Just British

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  1. Great video, but one point to keep the historical record straight. Production of three-wheelers did not end in 1935 when the first four-wheeler appeared. My first car was a 1937 Super Sports three-wheeler with MX4 Matchless V-twin (this in Scotland; I bought it — in immaculate condition — in 1954 for £40). Production of the twin-engined three-wheelers continued up to the start of WWll, and production of the F-Type, with Ford four-cylinder, side-valve, engine, continued to 1951/52.

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