Zenos Delivers 100th Car Amid Continued Success

Zenos Cars is reporting ongoing sales success, just days after the owners of the 100th Zenos model to be built took home their new car. Demand for the company’s high-performance, lightweight sports cars means that all build slots for 2016 are now accounted for, while few are left for the first quarter of 2017.

Zenos Builds 100th Car

Since production of the naturally-aspirated Zenos E10 and turbocharged Zenos E10 S began in early 2015, the range has been expanded with the 350 bhp Zenos E10 R and a 280 bhp upgrade kit for the best-selling E10 S. The sales network has also expanded, with the Zenos E10 series now sold in 10 markets encompassing Europe, Asia and North America.

Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Zenos Cars, said: “We are delighted to see the popularity of the Zenos E10 series continuing to grow as more customers are drawn to the models’ unbeatable combination of thrilling performance, predictable handling and accessibility. Hitting our sales century in little over 18 months demonstrates the momentum that we’re building, as does the ongoing expansion of our sales network across three continents.”

The 100th Zenos car to be built was an E10 R, which is powered by a turbocharged 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine that propels the car to 60 mph in as little as 3.0 seconds. Finished in Soul Red custom paint colour with matching ceramic optical-coated exhaust pipe, the car is also fitted with a special commemorative plaque to mark its significance.

The car is owned by Matthew & Georgina Streeter, who have upgraded from a 250 bhp E10 S to a 350 bhp E10 R. The couple travelled to the Zenos factory in Wymondham, Norfolk, where all Zenos cars are produced, to collect the new car. They were greeted by the Zenos Cars team, who presented them with a cake to commemorate their new purchase, as well as one of their birthdays.

100th Zenos to be built is collected from factory

Commenting on the couple’s new car, Georgina Streeter said: “We are thrilled to hear that we have played a small part in helping the Zenos team to reach this important milestone. The company has absolutely achieved its aims of producing thrilling and accessible sports car, and – just as importantly – has provided us with exceptional service. The fact that we’re already buying our second Zenos is testament to how delighted we are with the company and its cars.”

In the UK the Zenos E10 range begins at just £26,995, with the turbocharged E10 S priced at £32,995 and the E10 R available from £39,995.

Note: Press release courtesy of Zenos Cars.