100th Zenos to be built is collected from factory

Zenos Delivers 100th Car Amid Continued Success

Zenos Cars is reporting ongoing sales success, just days after the owners of the 100th Zenos model to be built took home their new car. Demand for the company’s high-performance, lightweight sports cars means that all build slots for 2016 are now accounted for, while few are left for the first quarter of 2017. Since production of the naturally-aspirated Zenos E10 and turbocharged Zenos E10 S began in early 2015, the range has been expanded with the 350 bhp Zenos E10 R and a 280 bhp upgrade kit for the best-selling E10 S. The sales network has also expanded, with the Zenos E10 series now sold in 10 markets encompassing Europe, Asia and North America.

Production of Zenos E10 R begins as E10 R Drive Edition sells out and Zenos tops 100 sales
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Zenos E10 R Production and Sales Update

Zenos Cars has begun production of the super high-performance Zenos E10 R, following the final sign-off of its suspension settings. The pinnacle of the E10 range is now being produced alongside its E10 and E10 S stablemates at the Zenos factory in Wymondham, Norfolk, UK. The Zenos E10 R is the third variant of the company’s widely-acclaimed E10 sports car line-up and uses a turbocharged 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine that produces 350 bhp and 475 Nm torque. With a dry weight of just 700 kg, the E10 R boasts 500 bhp/tonne, enabling it to hit 60 mph (100 km/h) from standstill in as little as 3.0 seconds. Yet with copious torque available across a wide range of engine speeds, its enormous performance can be enjoyed at all times.

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New Film Reveals Forthcoming E10 Zenos

A new film reveals the first details of forthcoming super-high-performance E10 model from Zenos Cars – billed as “Britain’s best affordable sports cars – combining lightweight performance with track day agility”. A short film released by Zenos Cars has confirmed the name of its forthcoming new E10 model, its fastest, most focused and most thrilling model yet developed. The video, available to view on the Zenos website and the Zenos YouTube channel, also provides viewers with glimpses of the new car’s exterior and details of its super-high-performance brief.