New MG5 Hatchbacks Spotted Testing in America

MG5 Hatchback Testing In USAThey don’t sell any MG in America, but some companies like to take their cars to Colorado anyway, to ensure they can handle high altitude conditions. Roman Mica from TFL Car is off doing what he calls “prototype fishing” again. This time, his catch and release program resulted in two MG5 hatchbacks spotted in Colorado.

The MG5 Hatchback sounds like a nice British car, but it’s actually a Chinese car. It arrived in concept form in early 2011 and already has a mild facelift. We believe this particular prototype uses a turbo 1.5-liter engine rated at around 130 hp and 200 Nm of torque.

The MG3 supermini and larger MG6 are sold in Europe, being assembled in Britain by very few employees, from complete kits made in China.

What’s really funny about the video is that a single well spoken Chinese engineer comes out and actually talks to Roman about the car, openly admitting what it is. Don’t worry mister engineer, we’re just going to write this quick story, but we won’t tell anybody else.