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VTR National Convention in Texas – Report by Joanna Ellis

I got an email from reader Joanna Ellis this past weekend that intrigued me, so I asked her about her most recent adventure. First the initial email… I raced a 1965 TR4A in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s in the US at Bryar Motor Sports Park (now New Hampshire Motor Speedway), Lime Rock Park, Bridgehampton, and others. I still own my 1962 Triumph TR3B and a 1967 Triumph TR250. I just returned from the VTR National Convention in Texas where I was privileged to drive my brother’s ’62 TR3B. What fun!!! I’ve also raced a ’62 XKE and a nice AH Bugeye Sprite. Long time British car fan, Joanna Ellis With a history like that, how could I not ask for more?! Here are the details she sent us on the VTR National convention… I flew down (after driving my MINI […]

Toronto British Car Day 2016 - Event Report

Toronto British Car Day 2016 – Event Report

British Car Day® is hosted annually by the Toronto Triumph Club, Ontario, Canada on the third Sunday of September. Since its inaugural event in 1984, it has grown in leaps and bounds, and this year drew around 1,000 British cars and 8,000 spectators, with room to grow even bigger. British Car Day® is open to vintage, classic and current British manufactured vehicles, including motorcycles. The event is the largest, one-day, all-British car event in North America, with visitors from Ontario, the northeast United States, the Maritime provinces, Quebec, and Manitoba, representing membership in 100 British car clubs. This year they celebrated six anniversary cars: • MGTA, 80 years, displayed by Rick Clark. • Triumph Roadster, 70 years, Michael Walton. • Morris Minor 1000, 60 years, Alan Brand. • Triumph GT6, 50 years, Warren Beech. • Jensen Interceptor, 50 years, Mike Lewyckj. […]

VotW - National Triumph car convention attracts hundreds

VotW – National Triumph car convention attracts hundreds

Our Video of the Week this time actually isn’t from YouTube! I know, amazing isn’t it? It is actually from the KXII Channel 12 television news station in Texas, and is a video of the 2016 Vintage Triumph Register National Convention. Quoting the story, which can be found in its entirety here, Triumph car owners from all over gathered at Tanglewood Resort this week for the 2016 Vintage Triumph Register National Convention. Dave Pilcher, who helped organize the convention, said he hasn’t met a stranger. “I met a guy today from England who drove my car over to the airport for me – and I just met him,” said Pilcher. “We’re all one big family.” Pilcher said he owns four Triumph cars, all of which he brought to share with 250 people. Eight even came from England all the way […]

What it means to own an MGB or TRIUMPH SPITFIRE

VotW – Owning a Triumph Spitfire or MGB

Our video this week is a quick, very quick, look at what it means to own a Triumph Spitfire or MGB. Both of the people and cars in this video are unique, but even with the choices and differences, they hit upon some of the common threads of classic British sportscar ownership. I will admit to finding this video interesting partially for the reason that I have both an MGB and a Spitfire in the stable at the moment. The Spitfire is my daily driver and the MGB is undergoing a very slow version of a restoration. In a short period of time, with either car, you become intimately familiar with their quirks, charm, and personalities. And yes, unlike a lot of modern cars, the little roadsters have a ton of personality and no two – even of same year […]

The world's fastest Triumph - the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamline

Triumph Motorcycles Confirms September Date for Record Attempt

Following a successful practice session at the Bonneville Salt Flats, achieving a speed of 274.2 mph to become the world’s fastest ever Triumph, Triumph Motorcycles has confirmed the attempt to set a new outright motorcycle Land Speed World Record will take place mid-September, 2016, weather permitting. Piloted by TT star Guy Martin the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner will return to the famous Bonneville salt flats and attempt to beat the current 376.8mph record speed on an 11 mile-long course. Despite having a good course surface for testing the team felt that the salt wasn’t yet fully capable of supporting a top-speed streamliner run. In consultation with FIM course manager Mike Cook  the team are targeting the September dates as the best possible opportunity for the optimal course conditions required for the record attempt.

VotW - Triumph Stag British Leyland Training Video

VotW – Triumph Stag British Leyland Training Video

Compiled from the original 35mm filmstrip and vinyl LP record soundtrack, this is a training film from 1970 which introduces the BL salesmen to the new Triumph Stag. Well, new to 1970. I love using our video of the week to look back at how cars were viewed in the period versus how we think of them now. OK, I will admit that it is also fun to view the world pre-PowerPoint. Even though Time lists the Stag as one of the “50 Worst Cars of All-Time“, I have always liked them. And, they have a pretty good following these days. The issues can be sorted out these days, the wrongs set right, and then you have a very stylish, comfortable, touring sports-car. Sure, the Stag should have gotten the Rover V8 that went into so many other cars of […]

The world's fastest Triumph - the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner

Triumph Infor Rocket Becomes World’s Fastest Triumph

The Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner has become the world’s fastest ever Triumph by achieving a speed of 274.2 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats on 8 August, 2016. Piloted by TT legend Guy Martin, the streamliner smashed the previous official Triumph record that stood at 245.667 mph as well as the unofficial Triumph Record of 264mph, both set by Bob Leppan, in the Gyronaut X-1. Near perfect conditions greeted the team on the final day of the team’s land speed practice week. With confidence high after a successful number of days running on the salt at Bonneville the team’s goal for the day with the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner was the Triumph record. 

VotW - Six-Cylinder Austin Healey versus Triumph TR6

VotW – Six-Cylinder Austin Healey versus Triumph TR6

Our video this week represents a comparison of classic British six-cylinder roadsters – the ‘big’ Austin Healey 100/6 versus the Triumph TR6. My only wish is that the MGC were included in this matchup. Yes, there were other six-packs out there, most notable may be the Jaguar E-Type. But, it was always in a different league than the common-man roadsters of Healey, Triumph, and MG. This video, coming by way of AutoWeek, features European spec cars which were a bit different, especially in fuel delivery, than their US shipped counterparts. Oh, and yes, the video starts off in non-English, but most of it is actually in English. So stick with it. Plus the visuals are beautiful.

Reader Profile - The Burroughs, a Triumph Family - TR6 and Queen Mary

Reader Profile – The Burroughs, a Triumph Family

We love reading the stories of people and their cars, so we have decided to start running some reader profiles. This is kind of like our sticker gallery but goes a step further to really focus on the people and cars behind the picture. Our first profile comes to us from Bill and Joanne Burroughs of Vista, California. Bill and Joanne have a 1968 TR250 and a 1970 TR6.

VotW - 1977 Triumph 2500S

VotW – 1977 Triumph 2500S

In their latest video, our friends over at Take to the Road test drive a fine example of one of the last big Triumph saloons, a 1977 Triumph 2500S. This car came up at Classic Central Auctioneers May sale and they had great fun driving it. Watch their film to find out how they got on. Quoting from their article, “The Triumph 2500S was the last in a long line of Triumph and Standard-Triumph big saloon cars. Launched in 1963 at the Earl’s Court Motorshow, the new saloon replaced the ageing Standard Vanguard and arose from Triumph’s failed Zebu project. With fresh investment from new owner Leyland, who rescued Standard-Triumph in 1961, the new saloon promised much for the future of the company. And when it was launched it was well received by the motoring press and the general public. […]

VotW - Bullet Run 2016 - Gordon Birtwistle

VotW – TR Bullet Run 2016 – Gordon Birtwistle

Our Video of the Week this week is of the TR Drivers Club Bullet Run, which we featured yesterday. The video itself comes by way of our friend John Clancy at TriumphDVD. June 2016 saw the inaugural Bullet Run hosted by the TR Drivers Club. The event commemorated the life of Tony Lee (Standard-Triumph’s Chief Development Engineer) who sadly died in September 2015. The Bullet Run re-traced the old Standard-Triumph test route which saw all the new and forthcoming models taken down to Bwlch y Groes in Wales. Gordon Birtwistle worked for Tony for over 20 years at Triumph as High-Speed Development Engineer and did an extensive interview with me in front of an audience of about 60 after the Saturday dinner. This video is the opening ten minutes.

The Bullet Run - Bwlch y Groes 001

TR Drivers Club Inaugural Bullet Run Event Recap

The TR Drivers Club hosted the Bullet Run on the weekend of 17th to 19th June to commemorate the passing of Standard-Triumph’s Chief Development Engineer, Tony Lee, who sadly died in September last year.  The famous TR7 prototype photos with Tony at Bwlch y Groes in Wales were the inspiration for this event and although these are the only known photos of Triumph development vehicles at the location it was a test route used regularly by management and senior staff.  Known at the Canley factory as “Ride & Drive” it was a fairly thorough test with up to 300 miles along varied roads that culminated at the scenic Bwlch y Groes location.  The TR Drivers Club organizers sought to reproduce the “Ride & Drive” route and invited owners of all Triumph models to take part.     The host hotel […]

A Mitty Story - TR and MG

Old Cars, Young Souls – A Mitty Story

I met Ian Crawford and Emilee Coomes in Louisville, KY last week. What great folk! While talking with Ian he mentioned that Emilee had written a story about their road trip to The Mitty a few years ago. I am honored to publish her story her. Oh, and thanks for the beer. 😉

VotW - Unrestored Survivor Triumph TR5

VotW – Unrestored Survivor Triumph TR5

From “Men and Motors” we have the very first Triumph TR5 off the production line brought along to the Classic & Sports Car Show by Nick Goldthorpe from ‘Classic Motor Cars Ltd’.  Yes, the very first one, and a beautiful survivor. The TR5 was little more than a one year only car, very late 1967 to 1968, and was really just a stopgap between the aging TR4 and not quite ready TR6. As such, it had the body styling of the former car and the six-cylinder engine of the latter. In the UK the car was petrol injected while in the USA it was carburetted and known as the TR250. Seems our US regulations couldn’t quite handle the fuel injection – or maybe it was the other way around. These TRs have gone up dramatically in price recently, leading me […]

Triumph Spitfire Door Handle Mechanism

Triumph Spitfire Door Handle Mechanicals

Welcome to our new post category – “Road Ink“. The first of this new category is a short video on the innards of a Triumph Spitfire door mechanism. These mechanics are notorious for going out of alignment and even breaking. When this happens, you can no long open the car’s door from the outside. Quite frustrating, trust me! What is even more frustrating is that the fairly simple repair parts are not available for purchase. You either get to fork out over $200 for a complete unit, or attempt for use used or alternative parts. This latter choice is what those of us not made of money would prefer to do, but since this unit was always viewed as a single item by Triumph and BL, documentation is scarce. Hence this video. I just want to take a few moments […]

Veloce Classic Automotive Titles
Classic Cars

Veloce Releases More Classic Automotive Books

Available again in print after a long absence, Veloce Publishing is re-releasing a number of go-to titles for the classic British car enthusiast. These titles include How to Paint Classic Cars, Classic British Car Electrical Systems, and Triumph TR2, 3, 3A, 4 & 4A – Enthusiast’s Restoration Manual. Veloce specialises in fine automotive books of all types, ranging from practical do-it-yourself guides to leatherbound limited editions. Their philosophy is that “every one of our books will be of the highest quality in terms of content and presentation, as well as being of true value to the purchaser.” How to Paint Classic Cars Available again after a long absence! Taking you step-by-step through each stage of the painting process, from planning, preparation, and safety, to final painting and finishing, this book will give you the skills and the confidence you need for […]

Spitfire and GT6 Magazine

The Lost Issue of Spitfire & GT6 Magazine Now Available

When the publisher (not good guy in charge, Shawn Frank) of Spitfire & GT6 stopped publishing, they took the latest issue of the magazine with them. Issue number 49 had been composed, laid out, and sent off to be printed. But then nothing. So as far as editor Shawn knew, it was lost and gone forever. But now this update in from Shawn — the lost issue is found! Or basically returned to its rightful place. And Shawn has made it available to all readers and potential readers for free on the web. (Told you he was a good guy.) To download Issue #49 of Spitfire & GT6 for free, follow this link … Be prepared, this a PDF file so you will need Acrobat Reader or some other such program to read it. Additional, since this was the printer’s copy […]


1947 Triumph 1800 Roadster at Pinehurst Concours d’Elegance

Next up from the Pinehurst Concours we have a beautifully restored 1947 Triumph 1800 Roadster. Again, we have Leigh Gill to thank for these great photos. Samual Jordan Pinehurst, NC 1947 Triumph 1800 Roadster This Triumph is a limited production convertible with optional rumble seat, Black exterior, Butter Cream leather interior as well as well as a boot and black canvas top. 4 speed standard transmission. The Triumph Roadster was produced by Standard Motor Company from 1946 to 1949. It was first available as the Triumph 1800 Roadster (18TR) from 1946 to 1948 and then as the Triumph 2000 Roadster (TRA) from 1948 to 1949.

Triumph Italia 2000 GT

1960 Triumph Italia 2000 GT at Pinehurst

Again, from the Pinehurst Concours this past weekend via Leigh Gill. This 1960 Triumph Italia 2000 GT is certainly something you won’t see at your average car show, and you definitely won’t come across one on the street. Alan Anspaugh Yardley, PA 1960 Triumph Italia 2000 GT The Italia 2000 GT marries Italian design with a Triumph TR3A drivetrain. Designer by Michelotti and coachbuilt by Vignale, the Italia was commissioned by distributor Salvatore Ruffino, who aimed to sell 1,500 worldwide. When a 1961 takeover of Standard-Triumph killed plans, Ruffino lost a fortune. This coupe, number 122 of 329 built, was restored to exacting original specifications and appears as it would have when it left Turin. Only about 100 Italias are known to exist.  

Spitfire and GT6 Magazine
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Sad Demise of Spitfire & GT6 Magazine

Unfortunately, it looks like another magazine dedicated to our corner of the automotive hobby is biting the dust. In this case, it is Spitfire & GT6 Magazine which is/was a US based quarterly magazine of high quality devoted to the Triumph Spitfire, GT6, Herald, Vitesse and “small Triumph” crowd. In an open forum posting to the Triumph Experience message boards today, editor Shawn Frank said the following: I wish I had better news about Spitfire & GT6 Magazine but I regret to inform you that the magazine will no longer be in publication. I had sent Issue #49 to print September 2015 and have still not seen it in print. The Publisher ( has decided not to continue with the magazine and in fact has not communicated any future plans or lack thereof with me, the print house, advertisers, or […]