VotW – National Triumph car convention attracts hundreds

Our VotW - National Triumph car convention attracts hundredsVideo of the Week this time actually isn’t from YouTube! I know, amazing isn’t it? It is actually from the KXII Channel 12 television news station in Texas, and is a video of the 2016 Vintage Triumph Register National Convention.

Quoting the story, which can be found in its entirety here,

Triumph car owners from all over gathered at Tanglewood Resort this week for the 2016 Vintage Triumph Register National Convention.

Dave Pilcher, who helped organize the convention, said he hasn’t met a stranger.

“I met a guy today from England who drove my car over to the airport for me – and I just met him,” said Pilcher. “We’re all one big family.”

Pilcher said he owns four Triumph cars, all of which he brought to share with 250 people.

Eight even came from England all the way to Texoma, just to be with others who share the same appreciation for the British cars.

“We share cars, we drive them around. We get to see what each other’s cars feel like and drive like,” said Pilcher.

Co-organizer Duncan Wood is originally from England and has two Triumphs.

“I’ve liked old cars since I’ve been a boy,” said Wood.

He said his favorite is his Triumph Gloria Southern Cross: a two-seater, mid-1930s sports car.

“It’s got a lot more character,” said Wood. “It’s also extremely unusual, obviously. There’s only 13 of them in the world.”

The five-day event had many activities, such as autocross, breakfast and dinner runs, a gimmick rally and a time-distance-speed rally to name some.

“If you ever get a chance to drive a Triumph, once you drive it, you’ll want one,” said Pilcher.

Next year’s meet will be held in Princeton, New Jersey in August.

Note: This story is from KXII Channel 12 in Texas.


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  1. Kudos to the Red River Triumph Club for staging and presenting a great VTR National Convention in Texas this year. A tremendous effort and a job well done!
    We’re looking forward to next August in Princeton, New Jersey.

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