VTR National Convention in Texas – Report by Joanna Ellis

I got an email from reader Joanna Ellis this past weekend that intrigued me, so I asked her about her most recent adventure. First the initial email…

I raced a 1965 TR4A in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s in the US at Bryar Motor Sports Park (now New Hampshire Motor Speedway), Lime Rock Park, Bridgehampton, and others. I still own my 1962 Triumph TR3B and a 1967 Triumph TR250. I just returned from the VTR National Convention in Texas where I was privileged to drive my brother’s ’62 TR3B. What fun!!! I’ve also raced a ’62 XKE and a nice AH Bugeye Sprite.

Long time British car fan,
Joanna Ellis

With a history like that, how could I not ask for more?! Here are the details she sent us on the VTR National convention…

I flew down (after driving my MINI three hours to my son’s home in Nashua, NH, so I could fly out of Manchester, NH). My brother, Paul Higley of Plano, TX, had four cars and a motor bike at the convention. My sister-in-law, Jane Higley, drove the Herald to the event and I drove the 3B. We trailered (two trips) the 1932 Triumph Southern Cross, 1935 Triumph Gloria SX, and the 1909 Triumph Trusty motor bike.  My brother helped Chuck Murphy start and run his 1899 Locomobile Stanhope steam car (non-British, but very unique early car by the Stanley brothers).

1935 Triumph Gloria SX with Paul at the wheel (he worked the start of the TSD Rally from here):
Five of the seven Triumph Southern Crosses in the US and of the 13 in the world known to exist now. My brother owns the 1935 green SX in the center and the yellow 1932 on the right. The green (top down) on the left is owned by Dale Will, who drove it to the event from Colorado.

Triumph Southern Crosses
Rear view:


1962 TR3B at grass airfield at end of concours event (won Participant’s Choice in TR2-3B class):



My sister-in-law detailing the Herald, while I took the selfie before leaving Plano:

Joanna Ellis at VTR Convention in Texas

Higley’s Herald with Dolomite in background:


1909 (foreground) and 1928 (background) Triumph motor bikes owned by brother Paul Higley:


I took about 600 photos and videos. Unfortunately, I was working at several of the events and missed some of the other action.

Here’s the Locomobile (Paul Higley left, Chuck Murphy, owner, right). Note very early tiller steering (tiller flipped up for easy access to seating, pull down to drive):


Starting the ’35 Triumph Gloria Southern Cross is owner, Paul Higley. He also assisted an owner who had never crank started his own Gloria. Spreading the knowledge is very important, too. Remember to keep your thumb behind the crank on the same side as your fingers. Don’t wrap it around the handle, because the kick might break your thumb!

Starting 1935 Triumph Gloria Southern Corss

Thank you for promoting the Triumph segment of the old British cars. They are such fun to keep up and most importantly, drive!

It sounds like Joanna had a blast, and we are quite envious.

Hey, if you have a convention or trip report we would love to hear it! Just email it to us at [email protected].

And thanks again to Joanna.

Michael Carnell
Editor at Just British

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