Reader Profile – The Burroughs, a Triumph Family

We love reading the stories of people and their cars, so we have decided to start running some reader profiles. This is kind of like our sticker gallery but goes a step further to really focus on the people and cars behind the picture. Our first profile comes to us from Bill and Joanne Burroughs of Vista, California. Bill and Joanne have a 1968 TR250 and a 1970 TR6.

Reader Profile - The Burroughs, a Triumph Family - TR6 and Queen Mary

This is what Bill had to say about the family …

While the TR250 is a 30,000 mile second owner car and my nearing retirement project, our 70 TR6 has been with us for long over 30 years.

Having traveled the Trans Canadian Highway coast to coast…. explored the Columbia ice fields….Lake Louis…Montreal?Quebec in the 90’s, …. the Canadian Rockies….. traversed the US several times…. including a memorable trip to place 3rd in Vintage Triumph Registry National Concours and took a spin on Road Atlanta…. our Jasmine Yellow TR6 has been well driven and will soon be taken down for a frame off update.

I was the founding President of the Southern California Triumph Owners Association (For years VTR’s largest Chapter) over 30 years ago and a well-known parts scrounge, source, and authenticity freak of sorts. SCTOA’s newsletter “The Triumph Standard” is published for 22 states and 9 countries.

I have restored, raced and driven TR’s for over 40 years… both of my sons have their first cars yet….. 73 MKIV Spitfire… and 1969 GT6+.

I vintage raced TR4A’s for over 12 years with my close friend (and fellow Triumph lover) Paul Smock (maybe he’ll post next?) ….. but sold those to downsize the fleet as I have retired in North San Diego County and have a small orchard as well as a small machine shop to keep me very busy.

Just a brief about yet another addicted triumph fanatic.

Reader Profile - The Burroughs, a Triumph Family - Matched set of TRs 2003

Reader Profile - The Burroughs, a Triumph Family - TR6

I thank Bill for sending in this story of the Burroughs Triumph family and encourage you to tell us your story. If you, or someone you know, should be featured, just send us the story and a few pictures. We love all British cars of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Remember, everyone one of those bumps or dings may tell a story, so let’s hear it!

Michael Carnell
Editor at Just British

Michael Carnell is the editor and founder of the Just British Online Motoring Magazine. As a lifelong British car enthusiast, he has owned or driven British cars of all ages from Austins and MGs to Jaguars and Triumphs. He currently owns a 1966 Vanden Plas Princess 1100 and a 1977 MGB. But there is always room for more - no matter what his wife says.