6-Pack TRials 2018, Fontana Village

6-Pack TRials 2018, Fontana Village

The 6-pack TR250/6 Owners Club is holding their annual convention The TRials next year at Fontana Village Resort, September 27th-30th 2018. Check the FaceBook page for the event page as well. TRials 2018 Tentative Events Car Wash Station Registration Hospitality Suite Welcome Diner Officers Meeting Membership Meeting Down The Rabbit Hole Run to Murphy, NC Fried Apple Pie Run, Townsend, TN The RUst Toss Competition Car Show At Fontana Village Drive to Franklin, NC for Lunch via Hellbender and Moonshiner 28 Awards Banquet and The Celebration of 50 Years of the Triumph TR250

Reader Profile - The Burroughs, a Triumph Family - TR6 and Queen Mary
Reader Profile

Reader Profile – The Burroughs, a Triumph Family

We love reading the stories of people and their cars, so we have decided to start running some reader profiles. This is kind of like our sticker gallery but goes a step further to really focus on the people and cars behind the picture. Our first profile comes to us from Bill and Joanne Burroughs of Vista, California. Bill and Joanne have a 1968 TR250 and a 1970 TR6.

TR6 The Complete Story Banner

Triumph TR6 The Complete Story by David Knowles

Triumph TR6: The Complete Story is the latest work from David Knowles, the internationally recognised authority on the post-war development of the MG and Triumph marques leading up to their eventual merger into what was to become British Leyland. Some will have previously read David’s masterwork TR7 The Untold Story and whilst there is no way a telling of the TR6 story could ever hope to match that of its successor the new book runs it very close. David has traced the car’s roots right back to the TR2 and then brings us up to the TR6 succinctly via the TR3, TR4, TR4a, TR250 and TR5 with other relevant models covered along the way.

VotW - Triumph Story

VotW – The First 25 Years of the Triumph TR Series

I swear I am not neglecting Triumph. I love Triumphs! I have had quite a few and even own a 1978 Spitfire at the moment. So, for our Video of the Week (VotW) let’s turn our attention to the Triumph TRs. The Triumph Story is a bit soft in the sound department, but this history of the maker of is definitely worth the watch. […]

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Yuman sees similarities between GM and British Leyland

An interesting article from The Yuma Sun …. Stan Gourley is a man who obviously loves cars, particularly his 1970 Triumph TR6. The car sits in his garage, partially restored. “You know,” Gourley said, looking at his jasmine yellow car, “it’s really sad to think that in 20 or 30 years this TR-6 would probably be a Chevrolet Camaro or a Pontiac GTO or an Oldsmobile 442.” Gourley, a man who knows British sports cars, explains that he thinks what happened to the British Leyland Co. back in the ’70s and what is occurring to General Motors now is too similar to be ignored. “They were a giant company that dominated the market for British cars in the ’60s and ’70s, but then they had real labor problems, the government nationalized the companies, then guaranteed billions of dollars in bailout […]