VotW – British Cars in America

Our Thanksgiving Video of the Week (VotW) comes to us by way of the fine Canadian folks of Men & Motors. Titled “Classic British CarsVotW - Classic British Cars in America in America”, this is obviously a subject we can all be thankful for. In this video from just over three years ago,  the M&M folks make their way to English Motors in Macomb, Michigan, which I believe is now closed, to look at some great British cars and talk about the fascination Americans have with them.

Adrian Bell is in Detroit, Michigan talking about classic British cars. He meets British car enthusiast Sue Snyder who shows him her 1980 MG MGB which she has owned since it was new, plus Don Ensloe shows Adrian around his car garage which specialises in maintaining and restoring British cars for their American owners.

Cars shown or mentioned in the video run the gamut from the lead in MGB to Triumphs, Jaguars, Morgans, and of course the beautiful little Austin A35.

As an added bonus, because you may need some more British cars to watch over the holiday, you might want to check out this video simply titled “Classic British Cars”. Lots of great vintage footage in this one.