Lack of Home Market for British Cars

As British car manufacturing is enjoying a boom, one British manufacturer is warning about the lack of demand in the UK car market. Thousands of new jobs have been created by Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Toyota amongst others, but sales of cars in the UK are actually falling.

British Auto ManufacturingMost of the new jobs being created are satisfying demand from overseas car buyers, but MG is warning that something may need to be done to stimulate demand in the British car market. In 2011 new car sales fell by 4.4%. That trend has continued this year, meaning the thousands of new jobs in the British car industry are all to satisfy foreign demand.

MG does not yet sell cars in Europe, instead choosing to re-establish itself in Britain first, and now it’s concerned that falling UK car sales could effect its ambitious expansion plans. Guy Jones, from MG, told Sky News: “I think there’s the opportunity now for this British built product for sales to increase in the UK, the market in depressed, it needs stimulus to turn it round. The manufacturers have done their part in terms of creating highly skilled jobs in manufacturing.”

Many automotive companies which suffered in the recession are now busier than ever.

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