Highlands Motoring Festival, June 5-8, 2014

Beautiful Highlands, North Carolina, is gearing up for the return of the British at the Seventh Annual Highlands Motoring Festival. This year the Cars of Great Britain will be the Marque of the Year. These Brits will be welcomed with parties, movies, road rallies, and certainly, the Car Show.

Highlands Festival


Be sure to check out the Events page on the event’s website page that describes the activities. And while Cars of Great Britain, are the Marque, we also will welcome cars from all countries…USA, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, just to name a few. The only restriction is the age of the vehicle must be 1989 or older. However, there is a Special Interest class that does not have the age restriction. However, this is for special production, and/or featured cars. (Details in the Classes webpage).

As in past years, this year’s event benefits The Literacy Council  of Highlands, “Changing lives … one mind at a time.”