MG Dynamo – Electric Concept Car

The MG Dynamo, a new and all-electric city car concept, was unveiled today. The MG Dynamo is based on parent company SAIC’s Roewe E50 city car sold in China. The car was on display at an exhibit of current and future tech at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. The display has been timed to coincide with the Beijing motor show where the marque is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

MG Dynamo

The Dynamo concept is said to encompass “the latest in design and engineering technology”. The car has been developed to assess demand for a small, electric MG in Europe. The concept was created by SAIC’s (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) design and technical centre at Longbridge.

MG Motor UK hasn’t revealed any details about the drivetrain, but conjecture is that it is likely to be similar to Rowe E50’s. Launched in China in January 2013, this uses a battery pack from A123 Systems to offer a range of 110 miles at up to 75mph. Observer’s note that the visual changes include the Dynamo concept gaining the octagonal MG badging and Union Jack-themed graphics with a more aggressive front bumper.

Seeing as the MG3 is becoming such a hit, one would wonder if the Dynamo could be marketed as an MG1 or MG2 – although, we are kind of fond of the ‘Dynamo’ name.

This June, MG will be celebrating its 90th anniversary with an event held at historic Silverstone. One can only assume mroe details will be forthcoming.