Frontline Drags MGB Into 21st Century

This in from the TopGear site…  To be honest, the presenters weren’t that impressed with the new MG6 during the show on Sunday. Or its recycled-racing-horse badge adhesive.

Front Line MGBHowever, this latest old-car-new-tech offering from Frontline Developments seems like a valiant use of the brand. And a rather more affordable alternative to the Eagle Speedster.

Each car uses a new British Motor Heritage MGB shell, into which Frontline shoves a 2012 2-litre VVC MX-5 engine. It’s got billeted con-rods and crankshaft, forged fully-skirted and Teflon-coated pistons and it’s been hopped up with a 45mm direct injection throttle body and closed-loop Lamda set up.

That equates to 215bhp and 170lb ft at 4000rpm. That means 240bhp per ton (it only weighs 900kg). 240bhp. IN AN MGB!

But don’t worry, the sixties shell’s been uprated to cope with the 130bhp power boost (the B was just 85bhp when it launched in ’62). Each one gets strengthened sills, floors and rear quarters to cope with its re-jigged suspension systems.

Read the rest of the story, and drool a bit, over at TopGear.