MGA Twin Cam – Pinehurst Concours

Over the next few days, I will be posting some pictures and impressions from the Pinehurst Concours d’Elegance that took place this past weekend in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Most of these pictures, such as the ones of the beautiful MGA that you see below, were taken by Leigh Gill of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Pinehurst MGA Twin Cam 1

This 1960 MGA Twin Cam Coupe is one of only 48 built in 1958 but not titled until 1960. It is owned by Bob and Lynn Wilson of Lisle, Illinois. Uncovered in garage in Wisconsin, where it had been carefully stored for 25 years, this beautiful car required only time, patience, love and a bit of touch-up paint to return it to its original charm.


Pinehurst MGA Twin Cam 2

Due to its highly unmolested nature, this car serves as a great example for those seeking orginality.

Pinehurst MGA Twin Cam 3

Pinehurst MGA Twin Cam 4

Stay tuned for more pictures of some great cars including an MG N, a Lotus, a Bentley, and a few more. There was also a Shamrock built in Ireland. Yes, a marque that I, like most others, have never heard of.

Leigh Gill
Photographer at Freelance