Beautiful Lotus Evora

According to the Economic Times, the new Lotus Evora is the best car to ever roll out of a Lotus factory. After thirteen years Lotus has finally added a new model to its existing line-up of exotic machinery like the Elise roadster which came in 1995 and the Exige, which was a coupe version of the Elise. The new model is called the Lotus Evora and the British car-maker has been working on this project for past five years.
Lotus Evora

It is the only mid-engined 2+2 sportscar currently in production and it is the first model out of the three that the company plans to launch under its five year strategic plan. The bosses at Lotus have been extremely excited about this new car and some of them also commented that this is the best car ever to roll out of the Lotus factory.

The 3.5 litre V6 motor, sourced from Toyota, as installed in the Evora pumps out 280PS of power thrown at 6,400rpm and 342Nm of torque developed at 4,700rpm. The mid-mounted transverse engine is packed inside a modular lightweight bonded aluminum chassis and the steering on the Evora is hydraulically assisted.

Read more of their review at The Economic Times.


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