VotW – The 1928 Frazer Nash Owlet at Goodwood

Our video of the week this go-round comes from Goodwood. In it, Patrick Blakeney-Edwards gives an in-depth look at one of the favorite Goodwood Revival cars: the 1928 Frazer Nash Saloon dubbed the “Owlet”. It’s an all-consuming experience to race and with an updated engine, and it was one of the craziest cars to be thrown around Goodwood.

Thanks to Goodwood for not only a great event that was great entertainment, but for the amusing video.



  1. with the strict criteria on the cars able to race at goodwood some cars cannot take part due to them being replicas ie the Jaguar Lister KnobbliY so how does the Frazier Nash Owlet replica meet the criteria to race at Goodwood?

    • First of all, love the video you linked to! The Overture for 1812 at the Morgan event is wonderful.

      As for the Owlet, that is a good question. Perhaps some vintage racing expert can expand on the reason. Outside of the legitimacy though, I think the Owlet is a hoot. 😉

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