VotW – Settrington Cup at Goodwood Revival

For our Video of the Week, let’s take a spin with something a bit on the lighter side. This is perhaps one of the world’s smallest races – in terms of the number of entrants, size of entrants, and the size of the cars. This is the Settrington Cup at Goodwood Revival, and the 2018 edition was held this past Sunday.

Held annually at the Goodwood Revival since 2012, the Settrington Cup race is for children ages 6 through 9. Cool, you think … so go grab a pedal car and let your kind hit the track, you think. But no. In addition to the age restriction of the drivers, the only pedal cars allowed are Austin J40 models built by disabled coal miners beginning in 1949 (true story).

Austin J40 Pedal Car qt the British Motor Museum - Photo by Karen Roe
Austin J40 Pedal Car qt the British Motor Museum – Photo by Karen Roe

Here is a quote from an original brochure for the car, which by the way was actually produced by the Austin company, although in a separate government-funded factory …

Austin J40 cars are made in a specially constructed factory at Bargoed in South Wales. Here, in good conditions with the guidance of an experienced rehabilitation officer and under the supervision of a doctor, disabled Welsh miners are able to find a new interest in life and do a job of work that is both useful and congenial. There are employment facilities at this factory for 250 men.

If you happen to find one, expect to pay $6500 or more for it, plus hundreds more to get it race ready. Although, I did find one that sold a while back at auction in Florida for a mere $2,500. But then you still have to transport it to Goodwood. Some also occasionally crop up for sale on eBay.

VotW - Settrington Cup at Goodwood Revival

The race is only about 100 meters long, but from the Le Mans start until the crossing of the finish line it is pure adrenaline packed excitement. And joy. Pure joy.

Callum McWhirter in the number 8 car won this year’s Settrington trophy. He may or may not have a career as a professional driver ahead of him, but he certainly has the experience of a lifetime already in the bag. Seriously, how many can claim to have one a race at Goodwood?


Michael Carnell
Editor at Just British

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