TVR Seeking Original Cars for Photoshoot

This just in from TVR Heritage …

“Do you own a TVR? Is it a clean and generally unmodified example as the factory would have supplied? If the answer is yes then we would welcome you to make contact as we will be arranging a professional photoshoot to bolster the TVR graphic archives for some exciting future projects and your car could be the star!

TVR Seeking Original Cars for Photoshoot

“Multiple photos will be taken of each vehicle involved, together with the recording of additional details, including possibly some video and this material will form a key part of a future presentation.

“More details will follow but if you wish to be considered to take part, please contact us at [email protected] marking the subject field with “Heritage Photoshoot” followed by your TVR variant (for example, “Heritage Photoshoot – Sagaris” or “Heritage Photoshoot – Cerbera”) and please also include a colour image of your car within the email. (A JPEG of at least 640 x 480 resolution is preferred.)

“We wish to cover all variants of TVR, so please don’t be shy. Once we have a large enough field of applicants we will provide and request more details by return.”

Note: Press release courtesy of TVR Heritage.



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  1. I have in my possession some very old photos of vintage TVR some coloured the others are black &white wondered if they might be of interest to you.

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