Toyota to Ship British-built Avensis Back to Japan

Importing Toyotas to Japan may seem like selling ice to the Eskimos, but that’s precisely what’s in store. In fact, it’s Toyota itself that will be bringing the Avensis back to its home market from its global assembly plant in the UK.

Toyota AvensisDemand for European cars in Japan has got Toyota cashing in on the game, exporting as many as 750 units of the Avensis back to the home country. Since the Avensis holds a similar position to the JDM Toyota Mark X, which is available only as a sedan, Toyota will only be offering the Avensis wagon back in Japan, packing a 2.0-liter four mated to a CVT.

Japan, of course, will only be the latest market in which the British-built Avensis will be sold, joining a list of 47 countries worldwide to which some 85% of the units built at the Derbyshire plant are exported. Unfortunately, the United States isn’t one of ’em, so for those who may want a closer look, we’ve put together a fresh high-res image gallery for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Wow, I like this car. It is very simple yet sleek in design. I wonder about the mileage and the engine performance if it is good on rough and tough terrains.

  2. @Julia Looks more like a “city” car to me. Really not sure how it would do over the rough roads.

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