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MG Cyberster EV Roadster Set for 2023

At least the MG Cyberster EV Roadster is due to be unveiled in 2023. April of 2023 to be more precise. MG is on track to unveil its ‘Project E’ two-seat electric roadster in April next year ahead of its first UK deliveries in the first half of 2024, an MG Motor UK spokesperson has said. The production car “will be a game-changer in terms of perception of the brand,” MG UK commercial director Guy Pigounakis told Autocar at a recent event. The car will be available in either two-wheel drive – most likely rear-wheel drive – or as a “very high-performance” all-wheel-drive dual-motor version. The car will become a halo model sitting above the rest of MG’s line-up. UK executives had to rethink its positioning when the first full-scale prototype of the production car arrived from China in advance […]

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No New MG Sportscar Soon

In an article by James Batchelor of Auto Express, the sad fact that there will be no new MG sportscar for at least a few years has become more official. Speaking to to Auto Express, MG’s new head of marketing told them that “the explosion in popularity of SUVs and crossovers has meant it’s a market MG cannot ignore.” They go on to say that, “MG’s new focus on SUVs has come at the cost of a new MG two-seater roadster. Since the demise of the MG TF in 2010, fans have been crying out for a new sportscar harking back to the MGA, MGB, MGF and TF. Cheyne told [Auto Express] that a new sports car would arrive in the future, but not for the next five years at least as the brand concentrates on more profitable sectors like the […]

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Caterham Announces Three New Versions of Seven

Caterham Cars has introduced three brand new additions to its existing range of iconic sportscars. The Seven 270, 360 and 420 are all available in the UK immediately. The introduction of these three new variants simplifies Caterham’s range to comprise five core models. In addition, all Caterham Sevens can now be specified with brand new ‘S’ or ‘R’ equipment packages. Like all Sevens, the new variants adhere to Caterham’s brand mantra of delivering ‘accessible fun’ through the traditional Caterham minimalistic, lightweight approach to sportscar engineering. The three new vehicles sit between the existing range bookends – the entry-level Seven 160 and the supercharged 620R, the most powerful production Seven ever built. Launched in 2013, the Seven 160 embodies the pioneering spirit of early Sevens with its compact 3-cylinder engine and live-axle rear suspension. Next up is the new 270 model, […]

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Lyonheart Sports Car Goes On Sale

The people at Lyonheart, a startup based in Coventry, England, have continued to develop their new sports car, whose lines were penned by designers at Vizualtech and Classic Factory and have clearly been inspired by the Jaguar E-Type. While only 50 examples were originally planned, at a price of almost half a million euros a piece, strong demand has seen Lyonheart revise this figure to 250 units, which meant prices could also be revised downwards thanks to greater economies of scale. At the same time, strong demand has also seen Lyonheart announce a new convertible version of its new K sports car. Pricing is now set at 360,000 euros (approximately $464,000) for the coupe, and 375,000 euros ($483,500) for the convertible. For full details, check out the article on Motor Authority.