Lyonheart Sports Car Goes On Sale

The people at Lyonheart, a startup based in Coventry, England, have continued to develop their new sports car, whose lines were penned by designers at Vizualtech and Classic Factory and have clearly been inspired by the Jaguar E-Type.

2013 Lyonheart

While only 50 examples were originally planned, at a price of almost half a million euros a piece, strong demand has seen Lyonheart revise this figure to 250 units, which meant prices could also be revised downwards thanks to greater economies of scale.

At the same time, strong demand has also seen Lyonheart announce a new convertible version of its new K sports car.

Pricing is now set at 360,000 euros (approximately $464,000) for the coupe, and 375,000 euros ($483,500) for the convertible.

For full details, check out the article on Motor Authority.