No New MG Sportscar Soon

In an article by James Batchelor of Auto Express,


the sad fact that there will be no new MG sportscar for at least a few years has become more official.

Speaking to to Auto Express, MG’s new head of marketing told them that “the explosion in popularity of SUVs and crossovers has meant it’s a market MG cannot ignore.”

They go on to say that, “MG’s new focus on SUVs has come at the cost of a new MG two-seater roadster. Since the demise of the MG TF in 2010, fans have been crying out for a new sportscar harking back to the MGA, MGB, MGF and TF. Cheyne told [Auto Express] that a new sports car would arrive in the future, but not for the next five years at least as the brand concentrates on more profitable sectors like the SUV market.”

No word on if that sportscar would make it to overseas markets such as the US when, and if, it comes to pass.

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