VotW – VARAC Car Profile – The MG

Video of the Week - VARAC - MG ProfileTime for a little vintage racing. Yes, our video this weeks comes from the VARAC. The VARAC, the Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada, is the main Vintage Racing Club in Eastern Canada. All VARAC members share a desire to preserve, restore and race historically significant cars in a form as close to the original specification as possible

As for the video itself, it is a profile of MG. Who doesn’t love the MGs? (Don’t answer that. We don’t want to hear it.) Featured in this fantastic video by KarmaComa Studio are three uniquely different versions of the MG. Owned by VARAC members David & Evan Holmes, Dave Good and Gary Allen, these cars have been restored and carefully prepared to race the toughest circuits in North America.

More info about racing with VARAC is available at www.varac.ca and about the highlight event of our season at www.canadianhistoricgrandprix.com – in 2014 featuring the Triumph vs MG Can Am Challenge.

As an aside, notice the SVRA covers on those headlamps? These days SVRA stands for Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, but there are some of us who remember, and even still have stickers from the days, when it stood for Southeast Vintage Racing Association.