Salisbury Celebrates the Secret Spitfires 00005
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Secret Spitfires Celebrated in Salisbury

A full-size replica of a Spitfire has been erected in the grounds of Salisbury Rugby Club, situated on the same estate as Burlen’s headquarters. Made from fiberglass over a steel shell by GB Replicas, the Spitfires have a wingspan of 36.5ft and measures just over 31ft in length. […]

Burlen LTD celebrates monumental success of the SU Carburetters Cup at Brands Hatch Mini Festival

Burlen Celebrates SU Carburetor Cup at Mini Festival

Burlen Ltd, the world’s only manufacturer of genuine SU (Skinner’s Union), AMAL and Zenith carburetors, is celebrating a hugely successful promotion of the flagship race of the 2017 Brands Hatch Mini Festival. Earlier in July, the Salisbury-based company promoted the Historic Mini Races – named ‘The SU Carburetters Cup for Pre-66 Minis’ – and pulled out all the stops to create an event that will live long in the memory.


Burlen Ltd to Promote SU Carburetor Cup at Brands Hatch

Burlen Ltd, the world’s only manufacturer of genuine SU (Skinner’s Union), AMAL and Zenith carburetors, is gearing up to promote the flagship race of the Brands Hatch Mini Festival at the iconic race track in Kent. The Salisbury-based company is promoting the Historic Mini Races at the event, which will be named ‘The SU Carburetters Cup for Pre-66 Minis’ in the eagerly anticipated 2017 edition.

Burlen Celebrates Record-Breaking Year
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Burlen Ltd Celebrates Record Breaking Year and Plans Expansion

Burlen Ltd, the world’s only manufacturer of genuine SU (Skinners Union), AMAL and Zenith carburetors, fuel pumps and spares, is celebrating a record-breaking 2016 and continuing to demonstrate remarkable growth. The Salisbury-based company enjoyed a hugely impressive annual turnover of £5.2 million in 2016 – smashing its previous best records and its own start-of-year target in the process. Burlen has an incredibly rich history with products dating back over one hundred years and a stellar reputation to uphold, which is of the utmost importance to the Burnett brothers.

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Burlen and SU – Environmentally Friendly Carburetters

Burlen Ltd has been awarded the status of ‘Credibly Green’ by an Environmental Consultancy going by the same name.  Burlen Ltd is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of all SU and Amal Carburetters Worldwide, under the names of The SU and Amal Carburetter Companies. “We wanted to see if we could make improvements to our ‘Green Credentials’ without sacrificing our business objectives” said Mark Burnett, Burlen’s Managing Director, “In the automotive sector it is very difficult to see how you can achieve this as it is not usually recognised as being a particularly green industry”. Mark continued, “We wanted to find someone to advise us who could take a simple approach to a complex subject without baffling us with science and that is where Credibly Green came in”. Credibly Green offer a tailored Environmental Reporting Service focusing on Energy, […]