Burlen and SU – Environmentally Friendly Carburetters

Burlen Ltd has been awarded the status of ‘Credibly Green’ by an Environmental Consultancy going by the same name.  Burlen Ltd is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of all SU and Amal Carburetters Worldwide, under the names of The SU and Amal Carburetter Companies.

Burlen Services

“We wanted to see if we could make improvements to our ‘Green Credentials’ without sacrificing our business objectives” said Mark Burnett, Burlen’s Managing Director, “In the automotive sector it is very difficult to see how you can achieve this as it is not usually recognised as being a particularly green industry”.

Mark continued, “We wanted to find someone to advise us who could take a simple approach to a complex subject without baffling us with science and that is where Credibly Green came in”.

Credibly Green offer a tailored Environmental Reporting Service focusing on Energy, Waste and Environmental Management. Their reports encompass a range of utility factors to provide a holistic view of environmental emissions allowing them to ascertain where improvements and efficiencies can be made.

Credibly GreenThe results speak for themselves.

“We couldn’t believe it…”, said Mark, “…with one simple change to our energy supply structure we could achieve almost carbon neutral on-site activities, something we would never had thought possible. And to top it all, there is the very real chance that we could save money in the process.”

And the future is bright too, for Burlen, Mark explains, “With continued support from Credibly Green we are looking towards ways to further reduce costs whilst improving our environmental credibility, two phrases you don’t often see joined together!”

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