New Buyers Attracted By Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

Rolls-Royce’s new Phantom Coupe brought in conquest customers ahead of its launch at the Geneva motor show on Tuesday.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

“Two-thirds [of the names] in our early order bank are from non Rolls-Royce owners,” said CEO Ian Robertson as he unveiled the new model. “It means we’re beginning to appeal to a broader audience. “We’ve already sold a clear 200 or more,” Robertson said.

The Phantom Coupe was previewed by the 101EX concept car, which was shown at Geneva two years ago. The production model retains the look and many of the features of the 101EX, including the much-admired starlight headliner and the option of polished metal hood and windsheld frame.

The Phantom Coupe is a sportier Rolls-Royce, said Robertson. “But it is still very clearly not a sports car.”

The 200-plus orders for the Phantom Coupe mean that planned production for this year is completely sold out. The Drophead, which Roberton said had sold “far in excess of our original estimates,” is sold out until summer 2009. In 2007 it sold 250 units, helping Rolls-Royce to a 25 percent global sales increase to a record 1,010 cars.



  1. Great news for Rolls-Royce but for the every day driver who runs the 9-5 and sits in traffic the car is still only a desktop wallpaper and a day dream.

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