New British Supercar – Keating TKR

The 1,000bhp club has a new member – and it’s British! With 1,500bhp, the Keating TKR delivers even more power than the Bugatti Veyron supercar.
Keating TKR Supercar
The mid-engined two-seater is designed solely for track use. But don’t panic, as there is a roadgoing model, too. The latter is called the SKR, and looks the same as its more powerful stablemate. It’s available with a choice of four engines, offering outputs ranging from 404bhp to 656bhp. The fastest street-legal car does 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds and can hit 205mph.

All models use the same General Motors-derived 6.0 and 7.0-litre V8s, and engineers have used superchargers and twin-turbos to boost power.

The Keating’s sleek lines, tall rear spoiler and air vents look as if they are straight from the race track. And with a bespoke steel spaceframe chassis and fibreglass bodywork, it’s light, too.

As the firm, based in Astley, Greater Manchester, builds cars only in low volumes, there is enormous scope for owners to personalise their model from a huge line-up of options. This includes everything from carbon fibre body panels to a complete chassis, and also offers a raft of cabin extras. As a result, few TKRs will look the same once they leave the factory.

The supercar is the brainchild of company founder Anthony Keating – a businessman and engineer – and has been eight years in the making. Prices start from £80,000.