6th Annual MG SAIC Design Challenge

For the sixth year running, the parent company of MG has launched the SAIC Design Challenge for automotive design students. Following the competition’s success in China, a European based competition has been launched now running for its second year. This year, students are being challenged to develop a flagship electric vehicle for the iconic MG Motor brand that will meet 2025 transport requirements.

The technical level of entries that students are required to produce is very demanding, with future automotive designers producing fully-developed concepts. Last year, two European finalists were sent to China to present final designs at SAIC Motor’s global headquarters to the board and international members of the press.

This year has changed with MG Motor UK now seeking three European finalists. The successful finalists will then spend two months working at the SAIC Europe Design Studio, refining their designs, before producing a clay model which will form part of the final presentation. The grand prize for the winner of the worldwide competition is a professional placement with one of SAIC’s design studios.


Speaking about the competition Carl Gotham, Director of Design at SAIC Europe, said:

Automotive manufacturers are nothing without great designers. The people who are entering this competition will certainly be driving electric cars and autonomous vehicles. We want to incorporate their concepts and ideologies into the cars of the future.

Carl Gotham and Alexy Andreev
Carl Gotham and Alexy Andreev

Alexey Andreev, the 2017 SAIC Design Challenge Europe Winner, is incredibly supportive of the challenge, saying that it offered him unprecedented access to a leading global studio. He said:

From a technical point of view, this was the first time that I was required to take a sketch to a full-scale 3D model. The studio was unbelievably supportive and helped me to overcome the challenge of taking a brief to a fully-developed concept. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Students have until the 6 June to submit an entry with the final awards ceremony scheduled to take place in October. For information on the competition and how to enter, visit: https://www.saicmotor.co.uk/saicdesignchallenge/

SAIC Design Challenge judges

Note: Press release courtesy MG Motor