Jaguar F-TYPE Brings Excitement to Dull and Boring

Today, on Dull and Boring Day, Jaguar announced the launch of a new campaign for the 2018 Jaguar F-TYPE to bring excitement to the two towns of Dull, Perthshire in Scotland and Boring in Oregon, U.S.

Jaguar F TYPE Brings Excitement to Dull and Boring

Jaguar selected two residents of Boring, and another pair from Dull, to inspire some excitement in each of the chosen towns. Each pair was given a new 2018 Jaguar F-TYPE R, the most dynamically capable and performance-oriented sports car in the Jaguar family line up, to add a little adventure and excitement to their lives by turning everyday journeys in Dull and Boring, including visits to local stores, coffee shops and gas stations, into a thrilling ride.

Dull, with a population of only 200 residents, sits nearly 75 miles north of Scotland’s largest city of Glasgow. Boring sits approximately 21 miles east of Portland, Ore., and is home to 8,000 residents. The two towns, united by unexciting names, formed an international alliance in 2012 to boost the profile of each town, and celebrate the annual public holiday – Dull and Boring Day – on August 9.

The Jaguar F-TYPE is our performance sports car, so we wanted to demonstrate how the vehicle can excite the senses and enhance everyday driving experiences. Bringing the F-TYPE to the cities of Dull and Boring allowed us to have a bit of fun with the brand in a way that was relatable for Jaguar consumers in the United Kingdom and the United States.
— Joe Torpey, Communications Manager, Jaguar Land Rover North America

The 2018 Jaguar F-TYPE offers driver-focused technologies and a broader model range than its predecessors, now comprising of 24 derivatives that include an all-new turbocharged 296hp Ingenium four-cylinder entry model, a number of supercharged V6 options, and the 200mph2 all-wheel drive 575hp V8 powered F-TYPE SVR.

Additional updates to the 2018 F-TYPE now include standard Jaguar InControl® Touch Pro™ infotainment which, thanks to its fast processor and automotive Ethernet connections, supports a number of additional apps and driver assistance technologies3. Debuting on the refreshed 2018 F-TYPE, Jaguar also now offers GoPro® connectivity on all 2018 model year vehicles equipped with the InControl Touch Pro™ infotainment system3. Called ReRun, the new app is designed to be used off-highway, sourcing telemetry data from the car; measuring speed, lateral acceleration, gear selection, throttle and brake position, and overlaying this information into an easy to digest dashboard on video filmed with the GoPro camera paired and mounted to the car4. The high quality video – including a unique ‘highlights’ section – can be downloaded to the driver’s smartphone, creating a shareable record or the driver’s successes on track.

The 2018 Jaguar F-TYPE will be available later this year priced from $59,9001.

Note: Press release courtesy of Jaguar Cars.