Evolution E-Types Launch Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Interview

Evolution E-Types has launched an exclusive behind the scenes interview with the Evolution creator Uryk Dmyterko ahead of their showcase at the forthcoming London Classic Car Show.

Evolution E-Types Launch Exclusive ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ Interview

Evolution E-Types creator Uryk Dmyterko explains how a combination of passion and determination has evolved his successful parts supply business into building the ultimate Jaguar E-Type where quality has been redefined to another level.

The film was created at Evolution E-Types Darlington based workshop where his successful parts supply business is based and includes a behind the scenes tour of their labyrinth of workshops which cover CNC machining, engine and bodywork shops, spray booth, upholstery, and mechanical engineering departments. The team, which runs under Uryk’s guidance have used their craftsmanship and experience to develop a new range of high-quality Jaguar E-Types for modern day driving conditions.

Evolution E-Types Launch Exclusive ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ Interview 2

But, this isn’t just another Jaguar E-Type restoration, Uryk is already recognized as the World’s leading supplier of E-Type parts such as their High Strength Chassis Frames; Solid Billet Machined Aluminium Cam Covers and the most recent development their Aluminium 5 Speed Gearbox to name just a few. Now the world’s leading parts supplier has taken a major step forward to create a brand new range of Jaguar E-type models with modern day comforts, handling and engineering developments, offering customers all the sixties style look and feel of an iconic classic, but with twenty-first-century handling, reliability and comfort.

You can visit the team and the latest Evolution E-Type showcar exhibiting at the forthcoming London Classic Car Show 14-17 February at London’s Excel. Offering a chance for everyone to get up close and personal and see this exceptional car.

Jaguars will be in the media spotlight at the London Classic Car Show where Jaguar Director of Design Ian Callum being honored with an Icon Award for his career-defining design work at Jaguar and Aston Martin.

For more information on the Evolution E-Type visit: https://evolutionetypes.com/